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Monday, October 18, 2021
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I Believe

While I was sitting here at my computer, I thought to myself why is it I am interested in UFOS? The reason is simple. When you see a UFO for yourself you undergo a change. I consider myself to be intelligent. I understand what is possible and what is not. I have a firm grasp of technology and have a better than average understanding of space and astronomy. I KNOW what is possible and what isn't within current technological boundaries.

Many people out there are just like me. A day may come when you see that unexplainable object in the sky, on the ground or even in the oceans and you will have no alternative as a logical and coherent person to question the boundaries of what is possible. Logic dictates that if the objects exist, they must be controlled. The question is by "who"? Is the government the cuprit? I would say "YES", but only to the extent that they use what they learn from alien's to advance human technology. They use this technology to bring us to parity with external alien forces, and for what purpose that remains unanswered.

Does this mean that I believe in extraterrestrials? I cannot as a intelligent person deny this possibility. To think that we are the only intelligent life in the universe flies in the face of current knowledge.

Every day we learn of new planets surrounding other stars and we already know that the Universe contains over a 100 billion galaxies. With over a 100 billion galaxies and an infinite number of stars and planets in each galaxy, it is highly improbable or impossible to believe that we are the only ones in the Universe. Life and in it's diverse array on Earth should be an indication that whenever possible, life will get a foothold and from there it becomes very hard to snuff it out.

I believe the Universe is brimming over in life and it also contains lifeforms that are advanced technologically to reach other stars.

Now...logic begs the question, why deny the presence of Extraterestrials? Is it because our culture is not ready to hear the truth? Is it because of what the implications of what it could mean to organized religions? Is it because the aliens are malevolent and mean us harm? Does our government and others work collectively togther to hide the real truth as to protect the population of the Earth? Only a small group of people know the real answer to this question, but logic dictates that they definately know the truth and they will go to all lengths to protect that secret. If you were a government that was interested in protecting yourselfFree Articles, you would do the logical thing and use the technology that you glean from aliens to bridge that gap.

I believe that is what we see today. I could go on about what I think is happening but that is for another day. I always think back to that day 20 years ago when I was looking into the sky during a full moon to see that circular object that was creeping across the sky fully basked in that ambient light. No object travels that slow and any object that is real WILL blot out the light of star behind it. This one did. Yes.... I believe in UFOS and you will too when that fateful day comes knocking on your intellectual beliefs.

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