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Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Being True To Yourself

Truth has a way of expressing itself even when we deny it. The body never lies - when you deny or cover up your truth, the body will give you away. By learning how to read the body's signals, you can recognize when you - or others - are not in alignment with truth. This is one of the first steps to personal freedom and power.

Truth has a way of expressing itself even when we deny it. We may try to respond in the way we think others expect us to, but the body never lies. The tone of voice, the body language, or the facial expression gives us away.

When I ask people, "How are you?", I often hear them respond by saying "Fine, just fine!" And yet, I cannot believe their words because their eyes are dull - no joy there! The eyes are the windows to the soul and when the eyes are not bright with life, how can I believe their words? There is no resonance between the inner truth and that which is expressed!To change this pattern, start watching people. When they say they are happy, watch for another clue. Is the body language communicating the same message or is it saying something else? Once you are able to pick up on the clues by objectively watching others, step it up a notch and start looking for the same clues in yourself.

Watching yourself takes more skill because it is a more subjective process, but don't let that discourage you. Simply observe yourself. When you say you are happy when you are really not, there will be a disturbance in your body language because of the conflict between your emotions and your words. When you repress your true emotions, the effort will change the rhythm of your breathing, tighten your throat, or cause you to look away. The body never lies!You cannot avoid the truth within. So instead of avoiding or suppressing it, why not embrace your truth? Once you start living from your inner truth, you step into authenticity. As the conflict between your inner truth and your outer expression drops away, your body can return to peace.

You will notice that when you speak your truth, your voice carries a vibrant tone and you feel empowered. The key to personal peace lies in that sense of alignment with your truth. When you honor your truth, you will find yourself stepping into a place of inner harmony. You will feel at peace, regardless of the situation you find yourself in.

There is no need to wait for these moments to occur at special times. They can become a part of your life. When aligned with your inner truth, you can live an extraordinary life in a very ordinary world. You can be perfectly at ease, whether cooking food, washing clothes or addressing a crowd, because you are perfectly present and aligned with truth in each moment.

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Ada Porat is a holistic health practitioner and life balance coach with extensive international teaching and clinical experience. She uses body/mind/spirit techniques to help clients live their truth. To subscribe to Soul Food, Ada's monthly inspirational newsletter, visit .

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