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Friday, February 21, 2020
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Discover the 3 Primary Functions of Your Subconscious Mind

Discover the 3 primary functions of the subconscious mind as described by Claude Bristol, the author of "The Magic of Believing.

There is no artist, man of science, or writer of any distinction, however little disposed to self-analysis, is not aware by personal experience of the unequalled importance of the subconscious”. Gustave Geley.

In my journey to become the richest version of myself, I came across many books that completely changed my philosophy of the world. One of them is the bestselling book “The Magic of Believing” written by Claude Bristol in 1948. The ideas of this post are derived from this book.


The 3 functions of the subconscious mind

Claude Bristol divided the work of the subconscious mind into 3 different functions: the instinctive function, the intuitive function, and the psychic function:

Intuitive functions:  the first function of the subconscious mind is its intuitive understanding of the bodily needs; it maintains and preserves the well being and the life of the individual. Breathing, digestion, regenerating the cells, vision, audition, taste, smell… all the abilities that we are born with are controlled by the subconscious, unaided by the conscious mind.

Instinctive functions:  in times of great emergency, the subconscious mind spreads into immediate action independently of the conscious mind; it takes supreme command, acting with incredible certitude, rapidity, accuracy, understanding , and sometime strength in the saving of the life of the individual. What is commonly called the fight or flight system.

Psychic functions:  the psychic powers of the subconscious are manifested in phenomena such as telepathy, remote viewing, clairvoyance, psychokinesis… but it can also be used to help the conscious mind in times of great personal necessity. When the conscious calls upon the subconscious to use its power and resources to solve a vital problem or bring to manifestation the object of desire of the individual. It is the third function that most interest us.


The Power of Your Subconscious Mind That You Failed to Recognize

The powers of the subconscious that can be included In the third function are many: intuition, emotion, certitude, inspiration, suggestion, deduction, imagination, organizationHealth Fitness Articles, memory…  let’s take a common situation you might have experienced.


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