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Saturday, April 17, 2021
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From Jaded Conscious To Placid Subconscious - The Power of Subliminal Messaging

As a child, you might not have the power of discriminating between the good and the bad thoughts that are on offer. But as an adult, you do. Unfortunately, you do not exercise this power, and the result is distortion in your thinking.

The Cynical Conscious

As children, we were quite open to the world around us. We were very easily influenced by the comedy shows or thriller movies they show on TV, and in our childish innocence, often imitated our favorite characters. There were no barriers between the conscious and the subconscious elements of our mind. To us, all elders were icons to be emulated unquestioningly - whether for good or for bad. The characters we admired on TV became idols whose persona we began to assume subconsciously. Gradually, in our own unique ways, our life begins to imitate the character's life. Whatever we saw happening to the character on the screen, begins to happen in our life, too! (Have you ever reflected on why you did what you did in those defining moments of your life? Go back to your childhood days. Nine times out of ten, you will find the seeds of your actions and decisions there. Perhaps there was some icon, then, who had done exactly what you ended up doing in your own life?)

And then, we also go through our set of lessons and experiences. Innocence and ignorance begin to wither away, to be replaced by weariness, jadedness, and cynicism. Now we greet everything that comes to us with a pinch of proverbial salt. We tend to take every sound, signal, smell and sensation with a "yes, I know it; so what else is new?" attitude. Our thinking style becomes so polluted with negativities, and becomes distorted to such an extent that we are unable to discriminate between a thought that is good and a thought that is not good.

The result is that positive, self-affirmative and self-enhancing messages too get filtered out. They simply do not get the chance to get in. Oblivious to the possibility of a better life, we continue to hurtle down the road to self-defeat and self-destruction. In our final moments, we are left with nothing but "what if this had happened", or "what if I had done that" sighs.

The Role Of The Subconscious

Your subconscious is the driving force behind your thoughts and actions. Faced with the same event, two individuals react in diametrically opposite manner, due to the different programming their subconscious has been subjected to, since their early days. The sudden sight of a rodent scurrying across the room may make one person jump with horror, yet draw a bemused chuckle from another. When something goes wrong in life, one individual suffers cardiac arrest and ends up in the hospital, while another simply gets up, dusts off their metaphorical clothes, and moves on cheerfully. The difference lies in the way the subconscious was programmed. Whether it is knee-jerk reactions or well-thought-out and fully-deliberated actions, it is the subconscious that is the driving force. All the thoughts that travel through the conscious landscape leave their imprint on the subconscious, and the subconscious converts them to reality. Very interestingly, it is you yourself who moulds and gives shape to your subconscious; for it is you who decide what thoughts to allow in your mental firmament, and what to discard. You are the programmer of your life!

As a child, you might not have the power of discriminating between the good and the bad thoughts that are on offer. But as an adult, you do. Unfortunately, you do not exercise this power, and the result is distortion in your thinking, leading to self-limiting and self-denying actions and decisions.

The Power of Subliminal Messaging

This is where subliminal messaging comes into the picture. These are messages that do not attract your alert perception, but remain hidden in the background. Yet, they give a fleeting hint of their existence, and dip below the radar of your cynical conscious to reach out directly to your subconscious. And when these messages are positive, self-affirmative and self-enhancing in nature, and when the subconscious, as is its nature, begins working on these messages, the outcome is that you begin thinking thoughts and taking actions that are in your best interest.

The concept of subliminality has been exploited by advertising agencies to throw messages at the unwary consumer, who then feel quite "naturally" motivated to buy products that the agencies are promoting. Thanks to technology, it is now possible to exploit this concept for your own benefit. There are quite a few software programs in the market that can be installed on the desktop, to be used whenever required. These softwares can also be configured such that they begin functioning the moment you boot up the system. Once on, the software begins throwing messages at you subliminally.

On their own, these messages are just a bunch of text couched in self-affirmative words. It is when they are driven by a software that throws the messages, one by one, on the computer screen, in a manner that appears fleeting, that the magic begins. Each message appears and disappears faster than an eye-blink, so you are not really distracted from whatever it is that you are concentrating on, on the screen. Two things happen here:

- The fact that you have, of your own volition, installed a subliminal message software on your system, is registered somewhere in the mind. Even while your mindset is clouded by murky jadedness, you _know_ that something positive is coming your way.

- While you are working, your entire concentration is focused on the terra firma of the computer screen. And this is exactly where the messages hit.

Both these factors induce the element of subliminality to the messages. While you continue to do your work, the messages continue with their job of reaching out to your subconscious subliminally. As is its wont, your subconscious accepts the messages, and begins to work on them. And the messages begin to become your reality.

These softwares even allow you to build messages of your own, and on very specific areas. So let's say that procrastination is your concern, or not having good friends is an issue you are struggling with. You can write positive messages - that reflect the reality that you wish to realize - and feed them to the software. These messages then begin to beam into your subconscious and bring the desired reality in your life. And it is always beneficial to focus on one specific area at a time, for you are "consciously" directing the subconscious to work in that one single area, and give you the desired result at a faster clip.

Final Word

It does not happen overnight. Depending on the thickness of negativity that you have surrounded ourselves withComputer Technology Articles, it may take anywhere between a week to six months for positive things to happen. There are quite a few subliminal messaging softwares in the market. Prudently selecting one that suits your needs best can make all the difference in your life. (I am personally using this one; it is working for me very well.)

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