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Saturday, April 20, 2019
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How Short Term Memory Exercises Can Help You

Practicing short term memory exercises can make a huge difference to everyone. Such exercises will enhance the way the mind works and improve how one leads his or her life.

Memory loss is just one of the illnesses that commonly hit the folks once they reach their golden years. One of the examples will be Alzheimer’s disease that is pretty common among our grandparents. It might be shocking to you if you hear that your 35-year-old friend is suffering from short-term memory loss. How can a 35 year old have the memory capacity of a 53 year old? No, it is not impossible and short-term memory loss can happen to you. It can happen to anyone actually. Short-term memory loss can be a serious problem and not to mention you can cause quite a lot of confusion and frustration to the people around you. So, check out these sleek tips and see for yourself how short term memory exercises can help you.

These short-term memory exercises do not even cause you a penny. These cheap and easy techniques are good for use anytime you want to remember loads of information.The link system is very ideal for use, especially when you are trying to remember information in the form of a list. For example, if you are given a grocery list, try to make use of the words in the list to form a ‘link system’ and link all the images together to form a mini film. Let’s say that you are given this list of items – cat, bread, flowers and shirt. How to remember all these items the quick and easy way? Simple imagine the image of a cat wearing a shirt with flower prints and eating bread. Continue linking more and more items together as the list of things grow. Tried and tested, this particular technique will allow you to remember all the things in the list in a jiffy.

The second memory exercise is to use the peg system. This is good to use when you are required to memorize a set of things in a particular order. To proceed with the peg system, simply associate a number with an image. So let’s say that you have a series of animal to remember in a particular order – cat, dog, dolphin and giraffe. Give a number to each of these animals i.e. 1 cat, 2 dogs, 3 dolphin and 4 giraffe. After which, use the link system mentioned previously to create some kind of mini film so as to allow you to memorize the arrangement with greater ease.

Alternatively, you can use the ever classical method of remembering large amount of information – Mind mapping. This technique has been used for eons of years to teach students to compress large chunks of information onto a piece of paper. This method is effective if you are planning to remember large amount of information at one go. However, some choose to think otherwise and are not in favor of using the mind mapping technique, as things can get messy as you keep of branching out new ideas/information from the key concept.

All these 3 memory techniques can provide you with great ease when it comes to remembering information. Some people panic when they are unable to remember what was being said to them just a few minutes ago. This does not mean that they are suffering from short-term memory loss. It is just that sometimesArticle Search, the brain is not able to retrieve all information fast enough; hence we might miss out the certain details. Using the 3 methods suggested above will sure help you hold on to information longer. Go and try it today!


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