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Monday, November 30, 2020
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Law of Attraction - Relying Solely on Positive Thinking Hurts Your Manifestation Efforts

People mistakenly believe that if they just think positive they can manifest what they want with the Law of Attraction. Learn why this is a problem and learn a 4-step process to enhance your manifestation efforts.

When 'The Secret' movie came out, millions of people were introduced to the Law of Attraction and were advised that through positive thinking, gratitude and action they could attract into their lives what they wanted. Unfortunately, "The Secret" movie was merely a primer and was never meant to be a comprehensive resource; this unfortunately has left many individuals confused and frustrated wondering how it all fits together.

One common complaint I hear is that people are thinking and being positive but aren't seeing the results. Probing more into what they are doing, they share with me that they are doing *everything* they can to think positive BUT what I discover is that they're ignoring how they really feel.

These people have come to understand that by putting on a cheerful face, projecting positive thoughts, focusing on what they want, and then ignoring all of their emotions and body signals, they attract what they want.

It doesn't work this way.

Because of the Law of Attraction, the Universe responds to our whole being. We are made up of energy that vibrates at a specific frequency. Everything we do, feel, think, etc. also vibrates with energy and this energy surrounds us. As we move through our lives, we are walking advertisements and the Universe constantly reflects back the energy we're vibrating. It's always a perfect match. It works in the same way tuning forks work. If you strike a tuning fork, another tuning fork of the same note will also vibrate even if it's across the room.

So, when you are thinking positive but are also feeling worried, fear or doubt, the Universe picks up on all your vibrational signals and feeds back to you an experience of a similar vibration. Usually what happens is that your 'negative' emotions cancel out your positive thinking and you experience this as feeling stuck. No energy is moving. Sometimes your 'negative' emotions are stronger in frequency (they're more frequent) than your positive thinking and you attract more thoughts, emotions and experiences that help you feel more fear, worried, and doubtful. This is when it feels like you're spiraling out of control.

The Law of Attraction does not discriminate. It always gives you back what you are vibrating. Therefore it is vital that you always 'clean up' your vibrations so that you attract exactly what you want.

Here is a simple 4-step process to help you get clearer on what you want and therefore 'send out' a clearer signal to the Universe.

STEP 1: Write down your goal - what you want to have (i.e. new relationship, new car, new client, etc.)

STEP 2: In relation to your goal, from Step 1, list all the things you don't want.

In this step you're uncovering what you don't want to have happen, what you don't want to feel, and the reasons why you can't have what you want. These are what I call the 'Yeah-Buts'. When they come up, you feel negative emotions, which negate your positive energy. So it's best to point them out now so they don't get in the way later.

STEP 3: Now write down what you do want. I often look at each statement from my "don't want" list and rewrite it positively.

STEP 4: Take each item on your "Do Want" list and ask yourself why you want it. How would you feel if you had each list item? Would you feel happy? Loved? Appreciated? Valued?

By getting in touch with how you would feel, you're getting to the core of why you want something. And, as you're writing down your feelings, you're connecting energetically with what you desire. You're magnetizing your desires to you because the Universe is constantly feeding back to you what you put out, moment by moment, per the Law of Attraction. The more time you spend in this feeling place, the easier it will be to manifest what you want.

In closing, I encourage you to use this 4-step process often. I feel that it helps us get in touch with that part of ourselves that we often ignore and discreditScience Articles, yet often has the biggest impact in our manifestation efforts. We effectively create what we want through the Law of Attraction when we use our whole being instead of just our minds.

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