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Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Thanksgiving Provides Antidote to Anxiety Caused by Economic Crisis

When depression and anxiety caused by the financial crisis keep you stuck in your current situation, feeling grateful for small things moves you towards postive action and change. Thanksgiving offers an opportunity to focus on gratitude and to stop being victimized by personal financial fallout from the economic crisis.

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a holiday when we celebrate our great abundance and prosperity. However, for many people, the current economic crisis may cause them to feel as if they have little to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. In fact, they may be experiencing so much lack in their lives that they can't muster up even one serving of gratitude.

You can always find something for which to be grateful, and during times of financial difficulty it's all the more important to look for something about which to feel thankful. Faced with an economic crisis, like the one we find our selves in now, people tend to fall into a state of depression and worry. This doesn't help them look for ways to change their current situation. It only perpetuates their state of lack.

The reason for this is simple: Depression and anxiety tend to make people lethargic and apathetic. Therefore, they don't try to do things differently. They don't try to make a change. They just remain stuck and feeling like victims of their circumstances.

The Thanksgiving holiday actually provides the antidote to the anxiety and depression caused by personal fallout from the current economic crisis. Simply being grateful and offering thanks for what you do have, even if you only have a little, changes your whole attitude, and that can lead to other changes.

What has been called "an attitude of gratitude" won't suddenly cause a pot of money to manifest on your stove, but it will open you up to the possibilities of creating more abundance and prosperity. When you look around and see the positive things in your life, like your loving husband, or your wonderful children, or the fact that you have $10 in your wallet, are expecting a paycheck this Friday, are healthy, live in a beautiful environment, or have friends who love and support you, you feel better. Everyone can find something, no matter how small, for which to be thankful. And when you feel better and more positive in general, you are able to find the energy to look for new opportunities to create sources of income. This might mean looking for a new job, or trying to refinance your house or selling off some stock to pay down your debt. Whatever it takes, you'll be more open to finding solutions if you feel good. And you'll be more likely to take action, because feeling good makes you energetic.

Additionally, trying giving a little this Thanksgiving. Even if you don't have enough for yourself, give a little money, time, energy, used itemsBusiness Management Articles, or attention to someone who has less than you do. Invite someone to eat Thanksgiving dinner with you who is feeling the financial crunch more than you are. This gives you the chance to once again feel gratitude. You can be thankful that you have the ability to give and to share.

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