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Wednesday, January 26, 2022
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The Zone of Intuition Your Sixth Sense

Your sixth sense, your intuition, is your divine in-built faculty given to you at birth, laying dormant waiting for you to activate and develop it. This intuition faculty is the key for you to tune in to the zone of divine knowledge and intelligence that can guide you through the chaotic and violent times we live in. It can help you gain inner strength, and peace of mind so you can focus on what is important disregarding the unnecessary the superfluous and the clutter around us. The human family is presently in the process of developing this divine faculty, the intuition moving on to higher consciousness as one body. 

 Finally after a long and freezing cold winter, the first signs of spring are beginning to show, birds are singing, trees are budding and we can actually smell spring in the air! Aren’t the four seasons just marvellous! Spring is a time for self-cleansing and self renewal and what is better than beginning with cleaning out our intimate space, closets and homes to get rid of all the clutter and unnecessary stuff that we have accumulated and hoarded the past months or perhaps even years. There is a good reason why the culture of spring-cleaning is a tradition in almost all the cultures. It’s important to un-clutter and to clean in order to release all the blocked energy, the dead energy that accumulates along with the stuff that we hoard around us to make room for new things to enter our life. Once that is done with, one can then turn one’s attention to more important things such as soul-searching for one and your intentions on how to embrace the new era, the new times and challenges that are presently facing us all alike as a human family as planet earth is being birthed into a new realm of consciousness. The question is only whether this birth is a smooth or rough transition which is something we can all control.

Like it or not everything is changing at so a rapid pace it makes your head spin. Time is whizzing by faster than you can imagine, and like all the rest of us you are crunched for time, trying to keep up with both family, business and financial obligations, probably leaving you little time to focus on your self and your inner peace of mind. And an inner peace of mind is what you most need right now. So you will be doing yourself a huge favor if you can dedicate a little time to include this in your daily agenda. A few minutes of ‘quiet time’ to journey inwards, to reflect, to be in touch with your inner self, you are after all your best friend and your inner self is your best teacher, your best guru. According to many metaphysicians, we exist in a web of Oneness, each one of us connected with all things, each one like a cell in the Body of a living Field of Intelligence. What we each do, how we live affects us all as our every thought and action imprints vibrations in this web.

This is the time to activate your invisible 6th Sense, your Intuition, your own Genie within, it is time to unlock your inner Genius. This is the main theme in my book published some years ago ‘Visions Unusual’ which is still available at amazondotcom! Your intuition is your most valuable compass to life, it’s the gateway to your unlimited self, to all the wisdom and guidance that you need to create the life of your dreams. Albert Einstein knew this as did all inventors, composers, artists and all creative people do. Einstein once said¾ The only really valuable thing is intuition. Many are born with their 6th sense, their intuition well developed, others have had to discover and to activate it during their lifetime.

Few centuries ago many unfortunates who had this 6th sense of intuition well developed were burnt at the stake or drowned as having collaborated with the devil, because they had extra powers. But today in our present day and age we know better than that. We know that the sixth invisible sense known as intuition is an asset. A great asset, as a matter of fact, that places you on a higher or deeper consciousness level. It opens a whole new world of knowledge and opportunities for you. Your intuition immediately makes it clear to you what is good for you and what is not. You know intuitively, without doubt, whether you should act or stand back and wait, it helps you make your decisions wisely, it gives you the ability to see beyond that what is visible to the eyes, beyond the outer packaging that might distract you from seeing the real naked simple truth.

Everyone, without exception, has their 6th sense as part of their make up at birth, waiting to be called upon and activated. Remember the saying¾ Knock and it shall be given unto you¾ this is now a good example, all you need to do is to desire it, to wish it, and then to do whatever it takes to discover it, to develop it, to be in touch with your Intuition. With that you have access, an antenna, to the zone of the invisible cosmic waves where all divine knowledge is available to whomever taps into it. When we each set the clear intention to live in harmony within ourselves, within our community and with mother Earth, then the web of Intelligence and Love begins to teach us how, but only if we are truly open in our heart to receive this knowledge. You do not need to be a highly religious person to make the contact and to experience this love. It does depend on how much we are able to turn our awareness within. The stronger this inner force becomes and the more we acknowledge its presence by focusing upon it, the sooner we will be united as one species living on our planet. This is a simple science that goes and transcends all religions and ideologies of separatism. 

During the past decades an important part of self-development has been to learn how to relax, because you need to be relaxed in order to to find your inner balance. You need to learn how to meditate to calm your mind to be in harmony with the earth’s frequency. Throughout the ages yoga, taichi, gi gong, music, meditation and many other relaxation techniques have been exercised with this one goal in mind¾ to find that inner point of balance, the feeling of inner peace through being relaxed. This is so because, this is the most important first step towards getting in touch with your intuition. Without that inner peace of mind, the harmony within, it is impossible for you to contact let alone be aware of your intuition.

The next important step is to be positive about life. Again for the past several decades a huge part of self-development has been on how to learn to be positive. Again and again you heard and you still hear today ‘think positive’ and rid yourself of all negativity. This is so simply because negative thoughts, are detrimental to the psyche, and will take you farther and farther away from inner  peace, from your inner harmony and also from your intuition. With a negative attitude towards life, you build up a negative energy around you that acts as a dense barrier, a fog, to everything good and positive around you. The negative attitude will attract nothing but negativity to you. So next to learning the art of relaxation in body, mind and soul, you need to learn the art of living your life with a positive attitude. Learn to be thankful, learn to be open, learn to be willing to learn, to grow, and above all learn to be compassionate and joyful. Live with joy in your heart. Be content, joyful and happy just to be alive without the need to acquire and to depend on material props. This is an inward state of being, nothing to do with partners, family, friends, material wealth, religion or gurus. You can have all that and enjoy it all but don’t let your life and inner happiness depend on them. For example, I love money and all the luxuries it can buy me but if I lose my wealth, or my job or someone I love, I’m not going to break down and think it’s the end of my life and to lose faith. It’ll be difficult for sure and I’ll grieve for a while, but in the end, the bottom line is, I am still me with or without. Nothing in me has changed through the loss I’ve only lost what is around me. So I chose another path and carry on with my life. One major important factor that blocks you from your intuition is the energy of fear. Did you know that fear is the opposite of love? Where there is no love there is fear. When the heart is filled with love there is no fear. And right now with all the violence that is spread through the media and movies and in particular about 2012 the energy of fear is spreading like wildfire. As difficult as it may be, try not to get caught in this destructive energy. There is no end of the world in 2012. The huge change that we will experience is that on a collective consciousness level and we are actually going through that right now each one individually on their level. And developing your 6th sense, your intuition, is what you need to help you adapt to the new energies and frequencies. Humanity is going through a very rapid evolution and transformation process and it is up to each one individually to have the intention to join in this march for a golden future, for earth and for humankind.

In addition to the relaxation and positive attitude you need one other important thing¾ silence, to be with yourself in total silence, in peace, so that you can make your journey inwards. You need the silence so you are able to hear to experience your inner self. It is impossible to be in touch with the core of your being if you are constantly busy talking, listening to loud music, watching TV, reading, socializing, surfing the web, thinking about your problems or constantly busy running from one activity to another. You are much more likely to hear that dime drop, to get that inner spark of inspiration, of a sudden divine revelation, when you are quietly soaking in your bathtub, walking alone in the forest, or quietly sitting gazing at water or over a mountain top, or sitting alone gazing at the stars, of if you’re ironing, washing dishes, gardening or driving your car¾ in  total silence. If you can and have time to regularly meditate at home, then so much the better. With practice, in time, you can be in touch with your inner self, and to be receptive to your quiet inner voice no matter where you are and no matter what you are doing. It will be like having an open telephone line to you inner self, or to the inner divine that has all the knowledge, and you are in a state of receiving the message no matter what. Because to be in touch with your inner self, your intuition, you need to be calm, you need to be free of all irritations and discontentment. You need a quiet mind, free of all negative thoughts, you need to have happy and calm emotions, simply said to be in a state of love. Fill your heart with love for all humanity. Try to be in love with love itself, in love with life. Be in love with your work and love everything you do.

Some people refer to intuition as instinct, others as a ‘gut feeling’ and if that works for you that is fine too, nothing wrong with that at all. Our sixth sense, our intuition, however, is stronger than that, more refined perhaps, I daresay more of a divine sense. We humans share instinct with animals, but intuition is a human privilege as is our intellect. And the message from your intuition is never wrong no matter how contrary circumstances seem to be. Think of a radio, for example, and how you can turn the dial to tune in to a certain radio program that you want to hear. Sometimes, you can tune in clearly and other times, the sound is not clear at all with a lot of noises and disturbances that block out the pure sound of the station you want to listen to. Well intuition works like that. Imagine many cosmic wave lengths and frequencies of information crisscrossing all around, above and through you and you want to tune in to one of those wavelengths for certain information. Well imagine yourself being the radio, and in your mind, you have the ability to turn your inner dial to tune in to the higher levels of information and knowledge that is available to all who care to tune in to one of the divine channels. That is exactly how it works. Once you have your instrument cleared and refined, you can then concentrate on tuning in. Those who have been practicing this for a long time, have so to speak their mind tuned in to their intuition, on a constant level, and they lead their life permanently being guided by their intuition. I know this from my own experiences.

Once this might have been considered witchcraft, but we’ve moved on and today it’s considered a necessity, an important part of our being. Humanity as a family is in the process of developing and perfecting this divine sixth sense. If you haven’t yet considered this, it is time for you now to join in to help us all create heaven on earth. There are thousands of people offering to teach you how to do this, some are genuine about passing their knowledge to you and others not so genuine just trying to generate income for themselves. It’s up to you to make your choices as to which path to take and which path to avoid. There are long complicated journies and other shorter and more direct. All experiences are equally helpful. With the right aspirations, good intentions and self-discipline you can also do it on your own. This is one of those things that cannot be handed to you on a silver platter, you really need to practice and do it by yourself for yourself. All teachers can do is give you the tools, the rest is up to you. And I have given you here the three most important basic tools. As many now knowFree Web Content, the greatest teacher dwells within us. When we hear its voice and receive its gifts we will know the Oneness game. You may now ask ... How do I know when the inner voice I hear is actually my intuition and not my ego? My answer to you is that you will know without fear or a doubt in your mind. It is that simple. You will know when you hear the Divine Essence within. 

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Margo Kirtikar Ph.D., with a doctorate in the philosophy of Metaphysics is coach, spiritual teacher, author, artist and speaker. She authored three books available at amazondotcom, You and Change; Visions Unusual; and Cosmic and Universal Laws. If you visit her website you can download her e book How to be a Pearl Oyster for free, an inspirational and motivational e book on self development.   

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