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Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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"Where is the Dust?" A Search for the Gold Dust in Achieving Your Goals

Many persons are looking for the barriers to achieving their goals, for the 'Gold dust' others may possess. This is a short article that will assist in realizing your visions and dreams. The way to break those barriers and live the life you really want. You will see how impotant it is to set goals you actually want and why this is important to your success.

During the course of my career, I have heard this question hundreds of times, "Where's the dust?" Once you have realized what your goals are, have written them down and made your vision board and have given effort into achieving them, you may experience a time where you are not getting the results you had anticipated...if any at all. You look to see what it is you have done incorrectly, or perhaps, something you have missed entirely. You go back and forth, searching for that part of the puzzle that is in the wrong spot. You may have looked at others who are experiencing the success you thought you would attain. 'They are doing it, why haven't I' you may ask.

Allow me explain to you, from the beginning, what I tell those who pose this question to me. First, it is of utmost importance to set goals you really want. Not something you think or have been told you want. Next, write them down as I have outlined in previous articles. Build a vision board or a treasure board of those ideas of your new life. Act as though this new life is already yours. Live accordingly. If you want to be a millionaire, find out what millionaires do. Where they go. Where they live. Who they associate with. Know everything you can find out about millionaires, and mimic them. Set your mind as though you already are a millionaire. When you awaken in the morning, think of yourself as a millionaire. Brushing a millionaire's teeth, shaving a millionaire's face, etc. The same is true with any goal you may have. You must first, BE a millionaire. Second, you must DO what a millionare would do. Think, always as a millionaire. Emerse your mind into that of a millionaire. Only then will you HAVE what a millionaire has.

The most important point to remember, and this is priceless, you create your own reality. What does that mean? It is very simple really. Your reality is what you think it is. There is no other force as great as your thought. Your though brings about everything in your life. If you think you are going to be rich, you will be. If you think you are going to fail, you will. If you think there are reasons you have not achieved you dreams, there are. If you think the others you see that are prospering have something over you, they do. Do you get this? Think about it. Once you have put some thought into this, ask yourself again, 'why can't I get what I came for?' 'Where is the Dust?'

You see, you have the steering wheel to your life. You are the one who will make or break your life. You have the will to better yourself. You are the one holding yourself back! You are the only stumbling block that matters. I know, there are a million excuses you can use to counter those statements. And for every one, I challenge you to think of one way you can get around that barrier. Look into the mirror and try to explain why you cannot find a way around a barrier. You have convinced yourself there is a problem, therefore, you are the only one that can convince yourself otherwise. If you are looking for reasons you haven't achieved your goals, you will find them and, they will multiply as long as you continue to search for them. Your thoughts are your reality. Get it? You think and it is given. If you think someone is getting results because they know something you do not, then they do. However, if you see that same person getting results, and wish them even better results, knowing your results are going to be what you wish them to be, you will find yourself achieving even greater than you thought. You see, this is not a competition. You cannot compete with yourself. You can only, honestly work to get what you want. There is no competition because there is only you in the equation. What the other is doing has no bearing on you. You are the only one who has your goals. You are the unique individual with a unique vision for your future.

So, you see, there is no dust. There is nothing you need to achieve your dreams that you do not already possess. It is all within you. All of the problems and all of the answers are in your mind. You create and can overcome all of the barriers to your success. All you have to do is believe this. Its true! All you have to do is believe that what you are doing to achieve your vision is correct. If you are not competing, have crystal clear goalsBusiness Management Articles, are being true to yourself and are doing all you can to realize your already have! That's right! Your goals are there for you to simply reach out and take. Believe this and you will soon see it is very true.

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Russ Sutton, RN is a Nurse become Entrepreneur due to the changing climate of the work place and for the race to freedom. Russ has published many articles on the subject of attraction, manifesting and business and marketing. Russ lives in Florida and is a motivational speaker for business and society groups. Please visit Russ at: for more information.

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