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Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Why Am I Sad When I Broke Up With Him: Why Do I Feel So Sad About The Breakup When It Was For The Be

 If you have just broke up with your boyfriend, believe me I understand that you are hurting. Maybe you to were together for a while and you grew accustomed to him.

Why Am I Sad When I Broke Up With Him: Why Do I Feel So Sad About The Breakup When It Was For The Best

If you have just broke up with your boyfriend, believe me I understand that you are hurting.

Maybe you to were together for a while and you grew accustomed to him.

You grew to love him and you felt that you two would always be together. I really cannot blame you for being hurt and sad.

And it's doubly hard if he betrayed your trust and cheated on you with someone else.

I am not sure exactly what your situation is but first let me say, you are allowed to feel hurt, betrayed, to cry, scream, throw things or whatever else!

Just be sure that you do this within the privacy of your own room.

Never let your ex see that the break up got to you and has you depressed, upset or contemplating suicide.

I am just not going to let you do that to yourself.

Keep your head held high when he's around and can see you.

But you are allowed a few minutes, or hours of cry time in private.

You are only human after all....

Now get up, dry your tears and realise that is was his loss.


Because you know that he has to know what a wonderful woman you are and how he should have been happy that you were by his side.

But the thing is that you can only say that and have it have any impact if you believe it.

So I'll ask you now and please, answer truthfully...

Do you believe that him breaking up with you is his loss?

Do you believe that he should be glad you even gave him the time of day?

Do you believe that you are a good person who genuinely deserves the best?

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason and that your best may not have been him?

Do you believe that you can do without him?

Do you believe that you can live your life and be happy with or without him?

Do you honestly believe that he is worth your time?

If you have answered yes to all of these questions and mean it, you will feel a lot better and your pain should be almost gone!

Now you can proceed with a plan to get your ex back!


Because whether you get him back or not, you'll be just fine.

If you cannot answer those questions, heck, if you can't think of him without dissolving into tears, leave it be, do NOT try to talk to him, do NOT try to contact him.

Wait until you are in control and then try answering the questions again.

What can you do to get your ex back? Is it possible to make your ex miss you like crazy?

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Did you have a huge fight with your boyfriend recently that led to an awful and painful breakup? Have you seen him with someone new and realized that you aren't over him? And because of that, do you want to get your ex boyfriend back? If so, then read on to find out about texting tips that could help you do just that.

Texting Tip No. 1: Make an effort.

If you want to get your ex boyfriend back, then you have to show him that it really is indeed your intention to do so. This means making an effort to reach out and communicate with him through text. Making an effort to text is not synonymous to flooding his inbox with your text messages, though. Send him one text message first and if he replies, then you're sure that he is open to communicating with you again and possibly fixing your relationship. And with that, you can continue texting.

Texting Tip No. 2: Do what every good friend would.

Just because you and your ex boyfriend are no longer together doesn't mean you can no longer be friends. Actually, if you want to successfully get your ex boyfriend back, being a good friend is your best bet. To do this, just try be friendly through text before transitioning into trying to revive the relationship. You're not supposed to rush into rekindling your relationship in the first place anyway, so just enjoy the friendship you have now, see how things go and then try being lovers again if you feel like doing so.

Texting Tip No. 3: Show him that you've changed.

If your ex boyfriend sees that you're different in a good way, then your chances of winning him back at the end will be higher. Once he sees that you are no longer the girl he fought with before the breakup, he might see you in a better light and just might consider getting back with you to give your relationship a second shot.

Before doing all this, though, you have to know why you want to get your ex boyfriend back, though. Is this all just an ego boost or because you still truly are in love with him? You aren't supposed to pursue your ex boyfriend if you no longer have feelings for him - remember that. Some things are better left in the past, and maybe your relationship is one of them.

What if he has moved on? Here's how to get him back.

After the breakup your initial instinct is to try and get in contact with them as soon as possible. The problem is that right after the breakup the tension between the two of you is very high. This means anything you say or do, regardless of your intentions, could set them off. This is why you should use reverse psychology to win back your ex.

The way you use this method is to have no contact with your ex for a few weeks after the breakup. This is a little psychological trick that will make your ex want YOU back. It works because if you do not keep in touch with your ex, it's human nature that they will begin to wonder where you are. Your ex will call you up asking what you have been up to and try to find it if you have formed any new relationships.

Having no contact with your ex always gives you both some time to cool down. Once your emotions have settled down, you will be less likely to make mistakes and cause arguments.

The next step to winning your ex back is have a proven plan or method in place. This will help you avoid making common mistakes and will also lead you into the process of winning them back. Another important thing is to realize that over time things will not just magically work things out. No contact works for a few weeks, but eventually your going to have to use aggressive tactics that will win them back for good. Don't take the chance of thinking they will just ask you back out.

What if your boyfriend already left you? Here's how to get him back.

You have probably found that since the break up your ex is reluctant to see you or speak to you because of the nasty things that you said during the argument, and quite rightly so. The one thing that you can do that will make your ex make contact with you very quickly, is if you use reverse psychology, which will definitely make your ex sit up and take notice of you.

Your ex knows you very well, and is waiting for you to behave the way you usually do after an argument. He/she is expecting you to talk badly about him/her to your friends, throw a complete tantrum because you are not getting your own way, not take care of yourself, and also to lock yourself up in a darkened room. Apply reverse psychology immediately, and your situation will change dramatically, just as quickly.

Stun your ex by saying only good things about him/her to your friends. Take this a step further by telling them that you are also to blame for the break up and that you are willing to fix the problems you have caused. When your ex hears this, he/she is naturally going to think it unbelievable and you are going to be constantly on your ex's mind from now on.

As for not taking care of yourself because of the break up, use reverse psychology here as well, and shock your ex even more. Go all out and make sure that you look absolutely amazing every time you step outside your front door. This is definitely not what your ex is expecting you to do, and it IS going to bother him/her.

Lastly, instead of locking yourself in your darkened room as you are tempted to do right now, go out with your friends as much as possible and have a ball - even if you have to pretend to be having a good time. It's all part of reverse psychology and if you carry on doing this, you WILL eventually get the results you are looking for. Your ex will not be able to stand the mystery of it all after a whileFree Articles, and he/she WILL make contact with you to find out what is going on.

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