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Sunday, May 31, 2020
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Best skin creams that never test on animals

Always look before you use. You never know if what you are using on your face or body was made safe for you by some poor defenseless creature. The author talks about animal testing and gives advice on the best skin creams that are animal friendly.

Animal abuse is a very broad issue that happens every day and most people don’t seem to notice.  From food farms to cosmecuticals, people generally have no idea what they are using.  In even the best skin creams there are numerous animal bi products that are harvested at the cost of thousands of animal’s lives.  They are neglected, tortured, and brutally slaughtered so we can have harmful products beautify our skin.  However, there a few companies out there that have the same beliefs as I do.  These companies, in my opinion, produce the best skin creams possible, and never test on animals. 

When it comes to acne, benzoyl peroxide was tested on hundreds of lab mice.  Ninety percent of these mice were kept in unacceptable conditions.  They encountered death from starvation sometimes before they died of the cancerous tumors that the benzoyl peroxide littered them with.  The makers of all products with benzoyl in them are still pushing this out there even though it causes cancer, and killed many harmless animals in the process.  Every single one of these people had money on their minds; not to make the best skin cream out there, and not to mention taking the lives of animals. 

When looking for products that are not tested on animals, labels can be deceiving.  Even though it says it on the label it doesn’t mean that the company didn’t use animal testing on any other product that they have.  Some companies even go as far as using a sister company to do it for them so they stay out of public relations view.  And even if that one product wasn’t tested on animals it doesn’t mean that the ingredients they purchased to put in the product weren’t tested on animals.  When looking for the best skin cream for you, regardless of acne clarifying or just a simple moisturizer, look for these ingredients to ensure that they were never used in the terrifying conditions that these animals are left in before they are killed. 

Companies that use stem cells aren’t always bad. I have found one in particular that actually uses the stem cells from the core of an apple.  It acts to repair the damaged skin using the stem cells.  Ingredients like matrixyl are not only all natural and exceedingly effective, but also totally vegan.  Sesaflash is an incredible tightening agent that instantly smoothes lines and tightens wrinkles.  It has been proven in clinical studies to not cause any discomfort around the eye and has been also proven to be on the most effective agents on all the best skin creams.  And it ensures that skin will heal naturally. Another ingredient to search for is renovage.  Renovage helps to maintain telomere length, in turn prolonging the life span of cells.  By promoting the skins natural protection , cell function is enhanced, tissue quality is improved, and the skins youth span is extended, thus reducing all visible signs of aging; not just wrinkles. 

To ensure your peace of mind and animals safety, please search carefully and ask as many questions as possible to the maker’s of what you think could be the best skin cream.  Chances are that most have abused and tortured thousands of living creatures in the process to make their product.  Why not go with one that doesn’t have that guilt hidden far behind its name.  Look carefully and read as many labels as possible before you choose what you put on your skin, you might find that you really can be using the best skin care for youArticle Search, and our furry friends.

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Ava Rae Green is an enthusiastic student of dermatology from New York State. She has covered everything from the best skin cream for your body to how to rid yourself of acne and acne scars.

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