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Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Top Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Wants You Back

In trying to get back together with an ex, knowing the signs your ex girlfriend wants you back is an important part of the process. When your ex starts sending out signals that she's ready to reconcile, you'll need to take the right actions. By learning what you should do (and not do) when your ex is ready to get back with you, you can accelerate the process of repairing your breakup.

Getting your ex back is tough enough without having to worry about missed signals. Ignoring or missing the signs that your ex girlfriend is warming up to you might cause unnecessary delays in getting back together again. Your ex isn't going to exhibit the same types of behavior she did when you first hooked up - she'll likely be a lot more cautious or slow about it the second time around. Whether she broke up with you or you were the one who ended the relationship, either way she's going to be guarded with her feelings.

If you've been trying to win back your girlfriend, the following signals can be seen as her giving you the green light to continue your pursuit:

She Still Calls You Or Sends You Emails

An ex girlfriend who's still in touch with you is looking to maintain that contact for a reason. No one who's moved on with their life will be looking to stay in touch with an ex, even under the guise of friendship. The fact that she's still communicating is one of the top signs your ex girlfriend wants you back. These days that contact could come through any number of other means, such as emails, text-messages, or MySpace and Facebook entries.

Your Ex Comes to See You

Whenever your ex shows up to see you, she's definitely missing you big time. Whether she outright shows up at your job or home, or she arranges an accidental "bump in" somewhere, your exgirlfriend is displaying the physical need to actually see you. This supercedes calling, emailing, or texting you, and is a very good sign that she wants you back. Welcome this communication with a friendly hello, and let her know it's great to see her again.

Your Exgirlfriend Asks About Your Lovelife

After the break up, the two of you are expected to go your separate ways. Even when you want your ex back, it's taboo to ask her if she's dating or seeing someone else. This would make you look needy and desperate, which is why it's totally off limits. That being said, any time an ex girlfriend asks about your own dating situation, she's doing it for a reason other than trying to be friendly. What your ex is doing is clearing the way to see if you're ready and willing to date her again. She wants to make sure that the coast is clear, and that you don't currently have feelings for someone else.

She's Suddenly Very Attentive Of You

An ex girlfriend that suddenly shows renewed interest in you is looking to be around you again. Try to remember how she felt and acted toward you after the break up, and compare it to what she's doing now. Does she call or write a lot? Stop by to see you? Is your ex giving you complements and encouragement? These are all big signs that your ex girlfriend wants you back. She's going beyond friendship and is trying to get back on track to repairing your break up. Dating your ex again is not far behind.

If you're having trouble getting your ex to exhibit any of these signs or signals, then you probably haven't been proactive enough in your approach to getting her back. Winning your ex girlfriend's heart requires you to make all the right moves at just the right times... having a step by step blueprint to getting her back will always help increase the chances for full reconciliation. Waiting around and hoping that things will go your way will almost always result in failure, or even worseScience Articles, your ex moving on with someone else.

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