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Friday, January 21, 2022
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How to Ditch a Man During a Lousy Date

Even the most experienced daters might have had an uncomfortable time trying to ditch their lousy date as the night proceeds.

Was there a time that you had wished you never went out on a date with a man? I am sure there was since we all had bad dates in our dating history! Even the most experienced daters might have had an uncomfortable time trying to ditch their lousy date as the night proceeds.
What a nightmare! Well there is no need getting yourself in that difficult position ever again if you consider the following tips on how to avoid a man during your lousy date!

First of all you should give it a chance. He might not seem like a prince charming at first but you never know what he holds inside until you give him an honest chance to show you. This means you have to go through the first hour no matter how bad your date might seem at first glance.
Itís just good manners to stay at your date at least one hour.

As the time goes by you realize that you have nothing in common with that person. He might look good, he might behave nicely but as you discuss you see that you and him are from two different planets (Iím not referring to March and Venus...that would be normal ha ha!) Thatís the best case scenario. The worst case would be for your date to look ugly, dressed horribly, not having manners, be rude with you, yell at the waitress, talk only about himself (or even worse talk about his ex!)
No more! Itís time to make the right moves to avoid spending any more ďpainfulĒ time with this person. You gave it a real chance but now you should proceed with the evacuation technique that I will demonstrate below.

Start looking at your watch. If he asks say you are a little stressed about something and donít say anything else. At some point leave and go to the bathroom. Call your best friend and ask her to give you a call at your mobile in a few minutes. Go back to your table. Pretend you hear what he says but look distracted. Your mobile will ring. Be polite and ask him to give you a minute, itís a work call (although itís Saturday night) and you need to take it. Or you might say itís your sick grandma (whatever works for you). Take the call outside. Wait 2-3 minutes and come back to the table. Tell him there is an emergency and you need to live immediately. Thank him for the very nice time you had together. He might ask to give you a ride back. Be polite and tell him that you already called a cab since you are in a terrible rush. Greet him goodbye by tapping his shoulder and thanking him once again. The tap on the shoulder is a clear ďIím not into youĒ sign.
Leave in a hurry. Donít be nice and say Iíll call youScience Articles, or we should do this again. Donít say anything of the kind. Just run for the exit and away from this terrible date!

Weíve all been there and done that and itís nothing to be ashamed of. Itís a fact of life that not all people are alike and not all people click together. The most important thing is to be direct and straightforward. Your behavior will pass across the right message and he will not disturb you again.

Donít be discouraged after a lousy date! Get back on that horse and start riding again. Get back online and start looking for an interesting person that will be just right for you.

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