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Friday, March 22, 2019
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Israel in tune with decadence and America

Israel has had one friend in this world since her inception as a nation again in 1948. The only true friend she has had is America. In the UN where people unite together and vote on issues that face humanity, many see Israel as a blotch on the nationís radar.

They don't even want Israel to be a member.

In truth over the years since 1948 much has happened. I am not about to rehash all the events since that time. The one major event that has happened is the downfall of morals with the increase of immorality. I should say it is a landslide, an avalanche, a tide of garbage that is sweeping away nations.



For a nation that once stood proud and free, it is free no longer. Yes you can say what you want and do what you want. But this nation is held captive. In its sway of everyday living the tide of immoral behavior is gripping all its residents. What once stood as a beacon of true hope and light is now dimmed by its own perversions and lusts. Pornography, homosexuality, lesbian lifestyles, fornication, bestiality, child porn, child molesters, murder, rape, kidnappings and more confront the citizen of this nation daily.



This filthy stream of immorality is flowing out of America through its media showcases. From movies, cd's, DVDís, magazines, bands, and many other ways, our infective lifestyle is heaped upon other nations. It never stops. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week we filter out this unhealthy mix to everyone around us.



The problem is not seen nor accepted. Even churches today accept this as something that is good. No one stands up against it. Pastors are caught up in it themselves. In the middle of all this modern day confusion lay Israel, a land with no neighbors that wish her well. She is surrounded by enemies who want to remove her and all Jews to the dust heap of the nationís graveyard. Does Israel really want to survive? I ask that question allot lately when seeing the truly stupid things she is allowing her politicians to do. I also ask if America wishes to survive by pushing Israel to do these things. Dividing up the land with people who hate you, is that common sense? NO! It is not. Trying to fool you into a false peace is that common sense? NO! It is not.



To add to Israel's woes, is the decadent lifestyle factor. Israel is a democracy. The only one in the Middle East. She in many ways imitates America. Even in the lifestyles she allows to grow unchecked there. In a recent article in the Jerusalem Newswire, There is no God like YHVH Stan Goodenough mentions that one of the things Israel is doing to survive physically, especially financially is to woe certain individuals to its shores. He says that "Israeli Ministry of Tourism officials have just announced a plan to turn Tel Aviv into the international destination of choice for homosexuals from around the world. If their initiative takes off, planeloads of perverts will soon be welcomed to the Jewish state, here to be milked for their money and encouraged to parade their abominable lifestyles on the beaches and streets of the Mediterranean metropolis." Further Stan says that his "additional concern is the possibility of some of Israelís Christian friends growing disillusioned with this nation, washing their hands of her and becoming prey themselves to the myriad anti-Israel forces that prowl the planet."



It is to be noted many feel that these are dark and desperate times. In Israel the feeling is the same by many people from the military to the family man. Here let it be noted, that Stan and many others, including myself know "There is a God and He is alive." We believe that Israel will come to know Yeshua Hamassiach, whom we call Jesus Christ, as Lord and Savior. He is coming again. But to put things in perspective, things will grow worse and worse till He comes. There will be a brief respite when the Antichrist arrives on the scene and produces a peace in the Middle East between Israel and her foes. Then in the middle of it all, the darkest days of her existence will come. In these final days before the arrival of Yeshua, they will turn to Him for salvation and learn His mercy.


Israel's enemies will keep on hating her and trying to devour her. In the end, though, the people of Israel will survive. No matter what the enemy doesScience Articles, God is watching and will keep a vigil over His people. He will work to redeem Israel and save her. Just as He is working today to save whoever will call upon His name in truth and cry out for His never-ending Mercy.

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By Dana G Smith ©2005 Dana Smith is the Editor and publisher of the Watchman Prophecy Alert News. He is the author of many articles, booklets, tracts, and pamphlets. Dana also is the President of The Watchman Institute for biblical research which focus's on current events as they pertain to biblical revelation and prophecy. The ministry also works with native pastors in India supporting the indigenous churches there. You may contact him at . More articles can be found at Watchman articles

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