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Sunday, February 17, 2019
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Pearls: Status Symbol of the Rich

In today’s world of advanced scientific techniques, it is not very difficult to find the beauty of those charming white or rose sea pearls. The beginning of the 20th century saw many inventions of the

Long ago, possession of Pearls was compared to be a valuable asset like real estate. Because of their scarcity, pearls have great monetary value. In the ancient times, these were 100% natural as the artificial techniques of producing were not known to mankind. Natural pearls are formed under natural circumstances. These are very rare in nature and are formed by oysters in the sea. When a microscopic intruder like a sand grain enters into an oyster, also known as mollusk, it settles in it. Now, the oyster secretes a natural substance called nacre over this small particle. This process continues for a long time and ultimately results in the formation of a beautiful pearl. This natural process that is perfect and flawless is rather a miracle to happen as natural pearls are formed only by chance. Thus it is, once in a blue moon that a natural pearl is formed. Hence, it has the highest value among all gems. Only the richest people possessed this gem.Pearls are widely used in jewelry and other purposes. It is always a lady’s dream to possess this gem. Due to its scarcity and high demand, a new method of mass producing this gem was found. A small irritant or a dust particle is artificially injected into the oyster. The oyster forms layers of its secreted substance i.e. nacre over the dust particle, leading to formation of a pearl.There are many different types of artificially made pearls. Akoya Pearls are one of the best man made pearls. They are produced in the pinctada fucata martwnsii i.e the Akoya oyster. This pearl is known for its luster and is considered best amongst the classic pearl. These are mainly found in China and Japan. Found in prominent colors, cream and white, these pearls sometimes have overtone colors like silver, rose or cream. The parent oysters of the Akoya pearls are generally small in size as compared to other pearls; therefore its resultant pearl is also small in size, usually 2 to 11 mm thick. These pearls are found in beautiful shapes and sizes with round as its dominant shape; making it viable for jewelry purposes.The finest pearls have special features. One can judge the quality of a pearl by its orient. The better luster, shine and reflectivity of a pearl is, on refraction of light through the pearl is, the better it is considered. Pearls are also judged on their shapes. A good pearl is spotless in the nacre and has a smoothComputer Technology Articles, even and round surface. So get the best pearls around and feel the difference!

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To get elegant and classic look use Akoya pearls which are best man made pearls.

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