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Saturday, April 20, 2019
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Some Suggestions to Those Who Want to Carve Out

some graduates want to make their own enterprise now, but without something neccessary, what should you do? In the article, I just get some suggestions for you, hope it can help you better.

†Some Suggestions to Those Who Want to Carve Out

†††† --------------- First Participating, Then Leading

†† After 20 years, the greatest enterprise in China and those enterprises who will enter world stage successfully will be established in the next five years, therefore nowadays many graduates are attempting to carve out, whatís more some successful entrepreneurs encouraged the younger to carve out.

†† There is a wrong idea among the young: if they have a good idea and obtain investment, with persistence, passion and fortune, then he will be the nest Ma Huateng. Thus they are all thinking about to starting their way of carving out after graduation, they are optimistic. The true key for you to carve out successfully is: team-working, experience, execution force. The reason for most failure is not because they do not have good idea, itís because they are no experience, no team working, no execution force----ultimately sedimentary deposits is more important than ideas.

†† The world belongs to the young, but best entrepreneurs will be successful after solid sedimentary deposits. The skills we learned at school are one-side, what quality entrepreneurs need is not only specialist, he should also understand technology, products, management, operation and market. Once there is a talented and creative young entrepreneur, he expanded too fast in the beginning, in end the company cannot bear and go bankrupt. Team working is so important for carving out, Jobs once said the success of enterprise lies in team working, specially if an enterprise can find 5-10 clever and diligent partners, with three heads and six arms, who can complement each other.

While an entrepreneur with no experience cannot attract such a team. There is another young beginner who owns good idea but cannot find such a team and suitable people work for him. Soon another beginner with more experience employs the suitable team, find products and get the opportunity earlier, at length he faced the fate of download. During enterprising, execution force is more important than ideas and it can be obtained by participating, thus no matter how clever the graduate is, he cannot have a skyrocketing rise after graduation.

†† Most people cannot be compared with Bill Gates, then what should the students who want to carve out at graduation do? Some suggestions like: first get a job, then enterprise, which is worthy consulting. If you are a member in a company which you want to create in the future, you will learn how it operates and succeed, how its system and culture established, you can really progress a lot during the first years. If the company can provide good training plans, you can learn more. There are some excellent staff who worked 3-5 years in a big company, who harbors the plan of learning first and carving then, when they get favorable treatment and promotion, they are accustomed to such stable life. They also learned some knowledge and skills at first, becoming a screw for the big machine, optimizing the ability living in a big company and losing the passion for carving out.

†† So if you really want to carve out, and sticking to you desire, we can understand that you need the most suitable, timely and optimal training, perhaps you should find a better training site. Such a training site should be a venture company, how about you participate in enterprising first and then lead in enterprising. You can consult the environment and culture of those spirited companies, some people full of experience will be your leader, the recognized product and development method in the industry and super investors. Just in one year, you can learn as much as you can learn from a big company. In order to ensure the learning entertainment in the beginning, you should join in the company less than 100 people, thus you will never be a screw.

Maybe this is a desire of many people, such as me. I am a common staff in Dinodirect ( ), I learned something here during the past one year, I am not sure what I shall learn in the future, when you reading the article, you may also feel confusedBusiness Management Articles, hope you and I will find the correct way soon and struggle to realize the dream soon.

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