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Sunday, December 15, 2019
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Haiti Cholera

natural disaster always bring something bad, there is another disaster happened in the world. Hope more people in the world can do some help for them, Haiti.

    On October 21st 2010, the Chairman of Haiti Medical Association, Claude.Surena announced the Cholera happened at the north parts of Haiti recently, causing the death of 135 people and disease of nearly 1500 people. According to the analysis of local medical personnel, the cholera has something with the quality of local water. Related department has taken measures to control cholera, while some locals think that the cholera has been transmitted by Nepal soldiers from The United Nations Peacekeeping Force, once raising protest, related violent conflicts and some other events. What’s more, Dominican Republic, the neighbor country of Haiti has discovered the first cholera case.

   On October 21st 2010, Surena said to media that the explosive epidemic situation was cholera according to the analysis of laboratories. “Still now we have found death of 135 people and disease of 1498 people. And all the patients have suffered laxness, vomit and some other symptoms, if there is no timely treatment, they will be in life danger.”

  It is reported that all the death cases mainly distributed around Artibonite River. In the beginning of this year, there happened Haiti great earthquake, causing Port-au-Prince into a land of ruins immediately. Still now millions of people still live at occasional tents, many people cannot get clear drinking water, and there is extremely lacking of sanitary fixture. Haiti hygiene department worries that if the cholera has spread into Port-au-Prince, much worse results will happen.

   By the newest information from Haiti media on November 23rd, recently the explosive cholera still spreading here, the number of those people who have died in the disaster has reached 210, additional over 2600 people are in hospital for treatment, while the rainstorm at infected area seriously blocked rescue operations. Local officials said that this is another heavy disaster Haiti government and people have to face after the great earthquake of January 2010.

   On January 12th, 2010, there happened a strong earthquake at the level of 7.8, causing 300,000 people died and over 300,000 disease, as well as 1,000,000 people homeless.

  When Haiti government and people take reconstruction hardly under the help from international society, there happened another terrible disaster---- cholera, which making the poorest country on Caribbean Sea in Western Hemisphere suffer more misfortunes.

  According to the analysis of laboratories, this explosive cholera is of strong infectivity. It is said that the cholera has something with the local polluted water and food. At present, the cholera has not been involved the harder-hit area of the earthquake Capital Port-au-Prince, but some hospitals have been filled with cholera patients from other places for treatment.

  After the cholera, Haiti government has taken positive measures for precautions, in order to avoiding the disease spreading in a large scale at local places. Medical teams from international assistant organizations have come to infected area soon, carrying out the work of saving patients and precautions. Due to the lack of medicines, as well as the storm has stopped the further process of assistant working, cholera epidemic situation has not been controlled effectively.

  Officials from Haiti Health Department said that due to the attacks of heavy storms recently, blood and debris caused by storms have caused tens of people dead and missing, a vast land of crops have been covered, as well as many bridges and public roads have been damages. Therefore ambulances and some other vehicles have been stuck on the wayFree Reprint Articles, thus it is difficult for medical instruments and medicine to reach infected areas. There are full of difficulties in the work of saving patients and precautions.

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