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Friday, February 21, 2020
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The Common Phenomenon of Material Worship

The development of the market economy leads to the increasing diversification of the values of people. In current society, lots of girls are inclined to marry a wealthy man. Money worship becomes more...

The development of the market economy leads to the increasing diversification of the values of people. In current society, lots of girls are inclined to marry a wealthy man. Money worship becomes more and more common and prominent nowadays. This kind of mental phenomenon has already stepped into college, an increasingly number of young college students has been influenced hedonism, money worship, faith lost. A man characterized by tall, rich and handsome becomes the standard in choosing a mate for most girls. The psychology is active in the whole society, this issue needs to explore further.

It’s universally accepted that every girl wants to be a princess. It is the common dream for all the females to wear resplendent large beads jewelry, luxurious clothes, drive brand car and live in delicate villa. Driven by various desires, many young girls even distain cheap charms, big brands are the main pursuit for them. The most remarkable representative is a young girl—Ma Nuo, she once said “I would rather cry in a BMW car than laugh on a motorcycle”. Her words triggered great sensation, many people began to ask whether material is the most important or true love is the most precious.

Money worship refers to the blind pursuit of money, regarding the value of money as the highest value. These kinds of people think that all values must be subordinated to monetary value. The reason that results in this kind of mental state lies in spiritual barrenness, lack of life aspiration. While some people argue that seeking a better and richer life is the common instincts of all human beings, people’s life is to go after a happier life. But there should be a scale, excessive pursuit of money or material should be avoided, because it can give rise to the loss of sincere emotions and spiritual poverty. Besides, social culture also exerts a great effect on people who have this kind of mentality. People are easy to be influenced by the overall social morality, especially those bad moralities. Therefore, building sound social ethos plays an exceeding important role in influencing people’s behaviors and psychology.

In order to avoid this kind of mentality, we should build a sound social security system and deepen the reform of distribution system and prevent social divide. Besides, it is very necessary to strengthen the education of the value of money and help people to build positive value. At the same time, we should give young people media guide and advocate social justice. In fact, behind the material worship are the lack of self-value and the loss of purpose. As a member of social construction, we should be clear what should do and not, what should pursue and not. Thus we cannot lost ourselves and go with the social stream.

In the current societyFree Reprint Articles, more and more people are inclined to worship money. This article gives a brief introduction of the behind reasons and what should we do to avoid this kind of phenomenon.

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