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Thursday, April 25, 2019
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The G20 Dominated By An Overpowering Force: The G4!

Article revealing an overpowering force lurking behind the G20: The G4! (a deadly gang of thought-bullies) – the biggest threat to this world. Without knowing oneself, and the courage of global leaders to face the G4, the world is heading towards the wall.

"The good news is that the G20 represents 85 percent of global output. The bad news is that it is functioning more like the G2 with the current superpower (the U.S.) and the future superpower (China) dominating the agenda" (posted John Defterios at CNN's Business Blog).

In fact, the one and only dominating force at the G20 summit is the G4 - The Gang of Four (You want. You can't. What's going to happen? You're going to lose.) This is a deadly gang specializing in thought-bullying not only the everyday man, woman and child - rich or poor - but top CEOs and heads of governments.

We are at their mercy 24/7. And unless we know who we are, and what we are doing on Earth, we will continue to be victims of The Gang. Knowing who we are is vital, so let's ask ourselves this question: If you stick your finger in ketchup, is your finger the ketchup?

What if you stick it in crème au chocolat? No, your finger is neither the chocolate cream, nor the ketchup. No matter where you stick it, your now sticky finger will remain a finger. Right?

Now, what if this finger were an entity, or a soul, and it penetrated a field of data or culture in China? Would this entity be Chinese?

What if this same entity decided to enter another field of data made of hamburgers, Coke, baseball, etc. and swam for the rest of his or her life in the vast ocean of data made in America? Would this entity be American?

Again, no. Hamburgers, Coke, baseball, rice, dumplings, roast ducks, are all data recorded in the information bag or the subconscious mind of the entity, and they look like this: 001101010111100010. Hence, a soul entering a field of data is not the data. Medical studies have shown that data stored in the mind can be completely eradicated by brain injuries or amnesia, but the entity or person still functions.

So, if this entity is you - who the bleep are you?

Are we just creatures with a pair of legs, eyes, ears, hands, and feet waddling through fields of 001101010111100010? We are not French, American, African, or Chinese - even if we happen to live in China, are hooked on rice and dumplings, and speak fluent Mandarin.

So the question again is: Who the bleep are you?

We may think we are Jews, Arabs, Blacks, Caucasians, Hispanics, Russians, Irish, Greeks, Georgians, English, Spanish, Mongolians, Turks, or a hundred other different designations given to these information bags. In fact, there are only two types of information that we all carry around with us in our bags - information that works, and information that does not work.

Look at it this way: whether it's a black cat, a white cat, or a brown cat, the cat that catches the mouse should be the cat that you ought to keep around. Hence, keep the belief systems that work for you and that make you feel good. Belief systems that create fear, anger, resentment, frustration, or vulnerability should be deleted. If we all did this, we would have a better human subconscious computer to work on.

If we understand that all philosophies, cultures, or perceptions are nothing but a series of 001101010111100010s, we will have discovered freedom. Now, how should we use this freedom to create harmony and a better future?

John, whom I quoted in the first paragraph, ended his post with these words: "it is so important for the collective voice of the group not to be overwhelmed by issues of the G2." However, I would contend that it is neither the issues of the G2 nor of the G20 that are causing problems, but that it is the G4 that is at the root of all ills.

If those representing the G20 are unaware that the G4 dominates every summit they attend, they will be in for further serious friction and discordance for years to come. Shouldn't they be fighting The Gang, instead of submitting to it at each summit?

In fact, one of the major concerns should be winning the war against this deadly Gang of Four and its allies - the biggest threat to this world. It should be a war on fear, greed, ignorance, and insecurity. And a war towards a brighter future.

Without the commitment and courage of global leaders to deal with the real culprits, the world will always remain suspicious, insecure and divided. And no summit, no matter how small or large, could resolve issues and result in our being happier, sound citizens of this planet, unless we know who is actually governing us.

Why are we so compelled to amass wealth or covet so much? Even Bill Gates and Warren Buffet realized that it was wiser to give half their fortunes away. But the G4 - made of subconscious thoughts such as You want... You can't... What's going to happen? You're going to lose... is far too dominant.

If this world continues to be ruled by it, we will no doubt be heading for the wall. At the dawn of the third millennium, we already find evidence of scarcity of natural resources.

Consider, for example, the introduction to the foreword in a recent report published by the Dutch government: "The increasing scarcity of natural resources appears to lead to greater mutual mistrust and protectionism in the world, in the context of a growing global population, a globalising world economy and unbalanced dependencies. This is at odds with the need for greater mutual trust, more cooperation and global agreements to ensure that the world makes sustainable use of natural resources in the future."

It is forever a "You want," and a "You're going to lose," that induce us to desire more and to be greedy. It is a "What's going to happen?" that triggers anxiety for untold millions. And a "You can't,'' that frustrates and renders us powerless. The combined subconscious forces of the G4 can trigger a currency war, even real wars between nations, as witnessed in past history.

Isn't it time that we disarm the capabilities of The Gang? A rich person is he who has enough, goes the saying. If we do not realize this, the G20 and we are alike condemned to be frighteningly poor, and to again suffer the tyranny of the G4Free Reprint Articles, which has long governed this world.


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