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Friday, October 23, 2020
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Achieving The Proper Golf Swing

To achieve the proper golf swing you need lots of practice and perseverance. These 5 tips will help you overcome any difficulties.

You need a lot of perseverance and practice to get that perfect and proper golf swing. The best way to do it would be to watch the way professional golfers execute their swings. The following tips, which if followed scrupulously, will have you winning tournaments in no time.

1. The force that gets the golf ball soaring does not come from the arm alone but by the use of the entire body, as will be attested by any professional golfer. If you have been using your arms, wrists and hands to swing at the ball, then it will be a little difficult to switch over to using your entire body. Practice using your entire body, with emphasis on your torso and legs. When you get the hang of it, you will find that the ball flies with more accuracy.

2. Your shoulders should pivot perfectly every time you execute a backswing. Keep your right arm parallel to your spine with your wrist flat. Ensure that you get this proper golf swing – your elbow and arms forming a triangle at the top of your swing. A guaranteed sure fire accurate hit.

3. There are two reasons why most amateur golfers fail to get that solid hit.  In the first place, the swivelling of the wrist is delayed during the backswing resulting in the takeaway going too low to the ground. Next, assuming that this is the best way to power the shot, they swing the club too far during the backswing. This is a bad posture and giving attention to a few things will correct these mistakes. There should be a 45-degree angle between the shaft of the club and your arm, the left one. Keep your hands close to the ground during takeaway at the same time move the head of the club rapidly upwards. Did you ensure that your left arm was parallel to the ground and the shaft of the club at right angles to it? This should prevent a bad posture leading to a too far backswing and a reverse pivot.

4. Though it is tempting to practice indoors, chipping should be practised outdoors as golf is an outdoor game. The best way to perfect your chipping is to use a wooden rod or a busted club. Your left arm should remain hard as the club impacts; if notArticle Submission, the rod you are using will hit your left side. Practice makes perfect.

5. It is rare for a professional golfer to lose flex but at times are caught red-handed doing it when trying for distance. Success at golf will evade you if your swinging is inconsistent. Practice in front of a full-length mirror to get that proper golf swing. Look at the mirror every time you get into a posture – start-up and backswing. You can see any postural flaws in the mirror.

Faithfully following the above tips should show a marked improvement in your way to a proper golf swing.

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Whether you are just starting out or just wanting to take your game to the next level, the author Ian Bell says that improving on your game of golf need not be difficult or frustrating.

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