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Monday, February 18, 2019
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Ice Fishing

When it comes to fishing for walleye, you don't need to wait for spring, summer, or fall to come. You can fish right through the cold, hard ice.

When it comes to fishing for walleye, you don't need to wait for spring, summer, or fall to come. You can fish right through the cold, hard ice. What Ice Anglers DoIf you are truly a serious ice angler, you should watch out for the early formation of ice. You should also be religious enough to watch it transform slowly into ice. Once it happens, you need to wait a little longer, perhaps a couple of weeks, before walleye will start to gather underneath. Normally, their bite will soon disappear and the oxygen level will disappear. Your best solution will be to look for where the fish move and get to them.Factors that Affect Movements of WalleyeThere are many factors that can affect the movements of walleye during the winter. For instance, they have the tendency to move into deeper water. This may be due to the dropping water temperature. They can fall into the preferred and the maximum temperature of 39 degrees Fahrenheit.There is also shortened daytime coupled with snow cover and ice. This will tremendously destroy aquatic vegetation. It will cause the weeds to turn brown until they wilt and die. The elimination of weeds can mean the loss of their food source and protective cover.Walleye also tend to move deeper when they are bothered by different types of fishing traffic. This includes the passage of snowmobiles, cars, and noisy trucks. Any ruckus happening on the top of the lake will force the walleye fish to dig deep.How to Find ThemSo you can truly succeed with walleye ice fishing, you should know when to hit the iced water. In fact, you may have to settle for a late trip during the winter. At this time, walleye fish will be preparing themselves as they are about to spawn during the spring. The challenge, however, is ice fishing in the middle of dead winter. You will have to think of the water below as well as the movements of the fish during the day. What makes it worse is that even if there are predators, walleye fish may not be active at all.Your best solution is to be truly flexible in locating the walleye when you are ice fishing. You should permit yourself to move from one location to another. This is because the fish do move all throughout the day, and you should be able to follow their path.Know Where They Will Likely SpawnWhen late winter starts to set in, walleye will travel. They will be looking for specific locations where they can spawn. If you are aware of their migration routes, you can start digging the holes and wait for the walleye to come.If you know where they will likely spawn, it will be very easy for you to catch them. This is because once the water temperature starts to heat up and they began moving into the area, they are usually hungry and will be happy to take a bite of your bait.When Is the Best Time to Fish?The best time to ice fish for walleye is during late evening or early in the morning. The reason may not be mainly because of the walleye but because there could be so many anglers during the middle of the day. You need to ease out on the competition. You will also be extremely helpful if you can dig holes in different locations and in varying lengths. You shouldn't expect that you will be able to get them when you settle for similar levels.Equipment to UseDon't use a lighter line. This is because when you cut a hole, you may be creating jagged edges. This will make your line very susceptible to breakage. Heavier line will work best even if you're seeking average-sized walleye.Many anglers use the jigging technique to attract walleye. And because they will be extremely hungry around this timeFeature Articles, they may be somewhat aggressive during their feeding frenzy. It's wise therefore to make use of a bait and a lure that possess flash or vibration.

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