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Thursday, January 28, 2021
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Some Tips To Teach Your Children How To Ride Bicycles

Childhood is a good time to teach your kids cycling. But it’s not as simple as buying junior cycles in India and making them sit on them. You need to keep a few things in mind when teaching them.

Learning to ride a cycle from one’s parents is one of the fondest memories many of us have of our childhood. It’s only natural to want to teach your children the same. It’s a huge milestone that adds to a child’s self-confidence, making them feel closer to riding a motorcycle. It also helps that they learn fast. But teaching cycling isn’t as simple as buying junior bicycles in India


Children tend to be stubborn about what they want and what they don’t. Forcing them to learn something will only sour them. So here are some tips to teach them cycling in a fun and effective way:


See If They’re Interested

There’s no point in buying junior bicycles in India if kids won’t ride them. Pushing them to do it will make teaching harder. Give them a reason to want to learn like their friends, older siblings or cousins riding it. They hate being left out. You should also keep their maturity level in mind. They must learn and follow safety rules when riding.


Start Early

Most experts agree that it’s best to start after four years or before six years of age. A child’s legs are strong enough to pedal after four. They tend to forget about falls quickly until they reach six. Waiting to teach after six might make learning how to cycle more difficult. It also helps that children tend to learn by watching others at this phase. So don’t delay teaching them for too long.


Shop For The Right Bikes

When searching for the best cycles and bikes in India, make sure that they’re of the right size. The tire height should match the child’s height so that they can touch the ground with ease. The frame should be light so that they can pedal it effortlessly. A small child will need small wheels while a tall child will need tall wheels. Do not buy large bikes to save money. It will make cycling uncomfortable for them and delay the learning process.


Teach How To Brake First

Brakes are the most important safety mechanism of any cycle. Learning how to use it properly will help children prevent crashes. You should also get them a fixed wheel cycle so that they can stop by backpedaling. It’s useful for fidgety children who might need time to learn how to use brakes.


Teach Balance

You might want to start with bikes without pedals instead of training wheels to teach your child how to balance. You don’t have to buy separate junior bicycles in India. Remove the pedals from the one you buy and attach it when they learn to balance. You can use training wheels but your child will become dependent on them if you take longer than 4 weeks. So remove them once your child gets the basics of pedaling.


Set Time Limit

Dragging a cycling lesson for too long will tire the child and make them feel bored. You should set a learning time for daily lessons based on their temperament. But don’t set a deadline for them to learn cycling. Different children learn at different paces. Let your child learn at their pace.


Get Safety Gear

When looking for the best cycles and bikes in India, also look for safety gear. It should include a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads. The helmet should fit the child snugly. It shouldn’t fall over their eyes. You should be able to fit no more than two fingers between their chin and chin guard.


Stay Positive

Many children worry about letting their parents down. Do not discourage them with phrases like ‘it’s easy, why are you taking so much time?’ Set realistic expectations about the learning process and congratulate them on their progress. Acknowledge your child’s concerns and encourage them to overcome them.


Choose A Nice Place To Learn

Avoid streets because the traffic might make them anxious. Go to a safe open space like a paved playgroundScience Articles, empty parking lot or a flat field.


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