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Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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Tippmann A5 paintball barrel – All you need to know about this barrel

Since the release of the flatline Tippmann Paintball Barrel - the paintball landscape completely changed.


Tippmann have built their reputation on innovation and quality. Brand names aren’t built on junk - well, rarely anyway. Tippmann Paintball Barrels tick every box: design, durability, price, and customization.

The points below are a compilation of the recurring themes I found after reading dozens of reviews online. They focus on the A5 Tipmman Paintball Barrel in particular. later we will comment on other models. All you need to know about this best paintball barrel is given below.



  • The Flatline is accurate, easy to aim, and consistent.
  • Probably it’s biggest claim to fame is the distance.
  • It is very gas efficient
  • It won’t break paintballs as long as you are using the right size.
  • Extremely wind resistant - as good as any.
  • You will need a squeegee to clean it properly after each game..
  • The Flatline can throw a curveball by turning the gun sideways.
  • It only costs $100 or thereabouts


“The design of the Flatline is unlike any other barrel system in paintball. If you were to take the Flatline apart you would find a curved barrel inside. You’d also find that the inside of the barrel has a rough grainy texture. It almost feels like overspray of flat paint inside the barrel. Depending on the model gun that you have, the outside of the barrel is covered by a shroud. The Tippmann A5 uses a smooth circular shroud, the X7 and new 98 Platinum shrouds both incorporate rail systems which allow for the addition of accessories such as tac lights, lasers or scopes.”



  • “This Tippmann barrel is heavy. One player needed to use a 20 oz CO2 tank; anything smaller and the gun was too front-heavy. However, another player thought the extra weight balanced out the gun, and another player liked the extra weight”
  • Foam insulation may be required. This barrel can be a little loud…


If you are a sniper I suggest a flatline because it is overall better and especially because it isn’t all chrome and shiny.


Comments we found…


“A couple of months ago I went out and bought a Tippmann A-5. The awesome thing about the A-5 and all the other Tippmann Paintball Barrel products, is the stock barrel wasn’t all that bad. Unlike some of the cheaper marker brands that are around. After a couple of months I was in search for something that would help with accuracy and distance. Well I didn’t look too far, I took one look at the Flatline and was almost sold on it. I drove down to the paintball warehouse and started talking to the guy behind the desk (who also was a huge Tippmann fan). Well, all I heard from him was praises about this barrel. I took it home that day, installed it within 2 min. and started shooting with it. It surprised me so much, this barrel was such a strait-shooting barrel! One of the cool things about this barrel is that you can install it upside down. I know that you are thinking, “why in the world would I do that?”. Well if you are playing on a course that has a lot of trenches, you can aim and shoot at the people that are laying down in the trenches. With it upside down, you can arc the shot so hard. Nothing is more demoralizing then getting shot in the head when you think that no shots can hit you.”


“By putting this barrel on your gun, your A-5 is officially the worst ass marker on the planet. i spent a lot on other 100$ barrels, and nothing compares to the flatlines accuracy, consistancy and distance. and its many other great pluses.”

  • One player suggested to be able to quickly remove the Flatline from your A5, buy three thumbscrews at your local hardware store (cadmium coated so they match the black gun) to replace the three bolts on the front of the A5. To remove the barrel, twist each thumbscrew two turns, rotate the barrel a quarter turn, and remove. The thumbscrews are reported to be 10-32 x 1″.


“The combination of the curved design and textured inner surface is responsible for imparting a spin on a paintball as it’s shot down the length of the flatline barrel. This spin allows the paintball to travel about 100+ feet further than most paintballs shot from other barrels on the market.”

  • The Flatline can be installed upside down, so if you are playing on a course with a lot of trenches, the downward arc will let you get people in the head who think they are safe.
  • One player stated that the Flatline for the A5 is different from, and a lot better thanFree Reprint Articles, the Flatline for the 98C.

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