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Saturday, February 22, 2020
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Cheap Mobile Mysteries: What Does CDMA Mean?

CDMA – Introduction:CDMA stands for Code Division Multiple Access. It is a channel access method that is being used by number of radio communication technology, but when talking about the CDMA technol...

CDMA – Introduction:

CDMA stands for Code Division Multiple Access. It is a channel access method that is being used by number of radio communication technology, but when talking about the CDMA technology in Cell phones it is actually CDMA One and CDMA2000, which are commonly referred to as CDMA too.

Difference between CDMA and GSM:
However both technologies are used in cell phones for communications but the difference between them is that the GSM is SIM based while CDMA is connection based, the SIM card provides the facility to store all the contact information and other fundamental information and can be easily switched from one Cellular phone to other. CDMA also comprises of the same technology as SIM card but it is only available in some regions of Asia. 

The technology used by GSM and CDMA is same, but CDMA is said to be much reliable than GSM and is more accessible and have less connection issues as compared to GSM phone.

Online Availability of Cheap cell phones:

Sites like Amazon and eBay are the online markets that supply various kinds of products to the people globally at very low prices. You can find most cheap cell phones available in a huge quantity at eBay and Amazon, as they are demanded by number of people and are easily sold as compared to costly cell phones. They even have those models in their stock which are no more manufactured or supplied in local markets.

Commonly used CDMA frequencies and Usage:

The most common CDMA frequency used in the continent of North America is 800 MHZ and 1900 MHZ, while in Europe, Asia Pacific and Russia it is 450 MHZ and 800 MHZ.

Things you can do with a CDMA phone:

There are a number of stuff that you can do with your CDMA phone; you can call abroad as well as within your nation or can send SMS worldwide. You can take your CDMA phone to abroad as well, and can take advantage from its full functionality like you were having in your own country. But the most important thing that needs to be taken under consideration is that the frequency of your CDMA phone should match the frequency of the region you are going to take it to.

Things that could go wrong with your CDMA phone:

The most important thing that can put you in a big problem is that the frequency of your CDMA phone doesn’t match the frequency of that region and that’s surely the worst as you won’t be able to benefit from the services that your CDMA provides and would end as a toy!

Another issue is that you will need to contact your network provider to set up roaming, this is not so with GSM phones which allow you to simply put in a new SIM when you get to a new location.

Questions that you need to ask before buying a CDMA phone:

The most vital query that you should clear before buying a CDMA phone is,
•Is the CDMA phone you are buying supports the frequency of that region in which you are currently residing or to the country you are willing to take it?
•Is that CDMA phone able to get good signals at elevation or beneath the normal crust? As there are some places which are built at upper or lower levels.

Guidelines to be Followed:

Now you are surely able to recognize what kind of cell phone is suitable for you in the country you are currently residingArticle Search, whether it would be a GSM or CDMA. As still GSM network is not available globally or they don’t receive proper signals or cover much area than CDMA.

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