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Friday, February 26, 2021
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Insulation film technology and its application

Coating is to reduce the reflection and improve the light transmittance of the lens and image quality. Modern lens manufacturing process must have the lens coating. The lens coating is based on the principle of optical interference.

A layer of the quarter wavelength is coated in the lens surface so that to minimize the reflection of the wavelengths colored light. Obviously, a layer works for a color while multi-layer coating can work for a variety of color lights. The multi-layer coating usually uses different material in the lens surface coating with different films. Multi-layer coating can greatly improve the light transmittance of the lens. For example, without the coating, each lenís surface reflection rate is of 5%. After the single-layer coating, it is 2 percent while multi-layer coating can be reduced to 0.2%. It can greatly reduce the diffuse reflection of each lens, thereby enhancing image contrast and sharpness.

Sun contral window film, also commonly known as solar insulation film. Insulation is an effective barrier to the infrared region. Car2100 authoritative definition, the insulation film is generally from the PET substrate composite made magnesia film with a water-soluble pressure-sensitive adhesive, it can firmly stick to the glass fragments, beating the windshield when the car accident or collision criminals, shards of glass will not fall off the splash. In this regard, the professional interpretation of the insulation film itself redundant Layer 3 function of material thickness is greater than 0.051mm can withstand crash tests of international standards 97.1105 lbs.

Insulation film is also known as sun protection insulating film, the "sun" refers to the effective UV blocking more than 90%. The third generation of products using new technologies such as magnetic coating, micron technology, nanotechnology, space science and technology, the UV blocking rate to about 90% to 100% infra-red rejection rate to about 30% to 95%, the gum is more viscous, so as to achieve not only reduces the thickness of the film and also enhance the effect of the explosion-proof performance.

At present, the insulation film of the market can be broadly divided into three types: staining membrane: the ordinary nickel oxide film is commonly known, this insulation film is like cellophane paste lanterns, can be said that little insulation effect, and the line of sight is very poor, so the time a long time will slowly fade, and heated odor. Semi-reflective paper, this solar film is usually presented the user the kind of 4S shop, heat rate of approximately 20% -30%, using, 2012 from the surface may be oxidation deterioration, so when you buy a new car special attention to the 4S shop gift fall into this category. Window Film: a double effect, Window Film with wear, semi-reflective and explosion-proof function, in case of collision, broken glass, but also to effectively prevent debris flying, will not jeopardize the driver a very high safety, security, heat rate can reach 50% or more, is currently the mainstream of automotive window film.

The insulating film can effectively block the solar radiation heat and prevent hot air .It is no necessary to spend money to pump the heat out. Curtains and blinds and solar window film to block off that may enter through the windows of the house up to 79% of the heat, in other words, this is equivalent to withstand sunlight glass can save 12,000 British thermal units per hour per 100 square feet. Its role is to reduce air conditioning costs and reduce a lot of heat in the hot season. It can keep cool and to reduce glare and eye irritation. It will extend the life of the furniture and fabricsFree Web Content, prevent flying glass and increase personal safety and window insulation. But it still maintains a clear vision. Source:

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