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Monday, April 22, 2019
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Itís time to make a new aircraft

Carefully, rapidly, certainly, with higher maneuverability, without noise and vibration, indifferently of weather, nuclear generator, circular accelerator, linear accelerator, pulsate-LASER jets, betatron, light velocity, surround the planet.

Carefully for passengers and from respect for pilots one must project new aircrafts which can travel rapidly, certainly, with higher maneuverability, without noise and vibration, indifferently of weather. A new aircraft must have a nuclear generator (reactor). The flying-ship may have a circular accelerator to evacuating in jets the accelerated particles, or it can utilize a LASER (linear accelerator) for evacuating pulsate-light jets. The advantage of pulsate-LASER jets is them higher velocity (the light velocity, c), which give to the fly-system a higher impulse, but many particles can be accelerated nearly at light velocity (A betatron can speed the velocity of the electrons nearly of light velocity; at 0.

8c, 09c, or more). A three-ton flying-ship can surround our planet only one time without alimentation. The new flying-ship hasnít high movement autonomy; It canít traverse the galaxy (itís always a space-waggon as well), but it may move rapidly, certainly, in our space. The new aircraft has got a better maneuverability. To making a real aircraft with a higher flying autonomy we need a new special technology. One must discover and utilize some particles which can run with higher velocities, higher than the light velocity.

Time to Fly! Now, It is the time to make a New Aircraft, with a New Beam or ionic, pulse Engine.

Ionic engine (ion thruster, which accelerates the positive ions through a potential difference) is about 10 times more effective than classic system based on combustion. We can still improve the efficiency of 10-50 times if one uses positive ions accelerated in a cyclotron mounted on the ship; the efficiency can easily grow for 1000 times if the positive ions will be accelerated in a high energy synchrotron or synchrocyclotron (10 -100 GeV). The betatron does not seem to be indicated (in a first phase) as the electron mass is very small, and the electrons, circular accelerated at very high speeds lose of received energy, by the issue of photons. Future ionic engine will have a mandatory circular particle accelerator (high or very high energy). Sure that the difficulties will arise from designPsychology Articles, but they need to be resolved step by step. We can thus increase the speed and autonomy of the ship using a less quantity of fuel.

New Aircraft

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PhD. Eng. Florian Ion TIBERIU-PETRESCU Lecturer at UPB (Polytechnic University of Bucharest), TMR Department (Theory of Mechanisms and Robots).

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