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Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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Memory Cards For 3D Stereo Camera Use?

There are many memory cards out there, which of them is suitable for the needs of the 3D cameras that show on the markets these days. The memory cards come in a wide range of storage sizes, and transferring speeds. Unlike regular digital cameras, the 3D cameras use higher levels of processing and speed to capture full HD 1080p with the 3D camcorders.

The world of technology is a fast moving racing car; you probably remember how not so long ago, a 512Mb MP3 was a bottomless pit for music. Then soon enough it was filled, and more storage was needed. You might recall the 1GB removable storage, which then seemed endless but the storage space doubled to 2GB, then 4GB and kept rising.

Most 3D cameras of the major brands do not come with a memory card in the box; this means you will need to purchase the memory card for your camera by your own. The 3D cameras (most of them at least) have two slots for cards SD and SDHC slots. So you already know you will need one of them to be plugged at the correct slot, and have the same card reader to be able to transfer the files quickly to your computer.

There are two factors you may wish to check before you decide which memory card to buy for the 3D camera you own. The two factors will be storage size and Class (speed of reading and writing to the card).
Although the 3D cameras come with a SD slot, you can forget about them, these cards will function well only if you plan to use your 3D camera as a 2d regular digital camera. If you plan to use your 3D as 3D camera or camcorder, be aware that those cards will be too slow and too small for your needs.

Today if you wish to make the best of your new 3D camera, you will need to buy SDHC memory card with it. The SDHC memory card format means “Secure Digital High Capacity”. 
The new standard memory cards (SDHC) have larger storage capacities that start where the SD cards capacity ends at 4GB. The SDHC storage space goes from 4GB to 32GB which may sound much but as we know we find that when we have more storage space we tend to use it. The SDHC card that is a best seller at Amazon is the 16GB size card. See the full comparison 16GB SDHC Vs 32 GB SDHC for 3D cameras.

The second factor to check is the Class. There are 3 Classes to choose from: Class 4, Class 6 and Class 10.
These ‘Class’ ratings notify how fast the card is able to have data processed on it. The Class 4 is the slowest rate, while the Class 10 is the highest of this category.

The higher class rates 6 or 10 will you get better card processing speed and performance. If you plan on taking 3D movie clips you better buy the SDHC Class 6 (or higher). It is recommended that you refrain from the Class 4 or you will get slower information capabilities and poor 3D movie clips.

The prices of the SDHC Class 6 aren’t that higher than the Class 4Health Fitness Articles, so it is worth the investment in order to get the best results with the new 3D camera. People buy a 16GB SDHC card with a Class 6 or Class 10 for best performance of the 3D cameras.


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Make sure you know what the SDHC cards are and how they may fit your camera, see how to save money with advanced SDHC memory cards. Before you waste your money see Which 16GB For 3D cameras.
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