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Sunday, January 26, 2020
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Site Classification, Is the Core of The Building Project

Before any construction can be made at a construction building, the one thing that needs to be considered is the site classification. This is the core of the building project. If this is something that engineers are getting wrong, the whole project can be in jeopardy.

This is everything that is essential to know about the site classification, that needs to be done before the construction has the go-ahead to start building.

What is site classification

The first question is what is site classification? Is this really something that is important when it comes to starting building on a construction site?

Site classification is when a construction site is assessed before building can proceed which includes soil testing. There are a couple of things that are being looked at before the construction site has permission to start building. Soil density and type of soil is just to name two of the things that they are looking at when it comes to site classification.

When the wrong site classification is made

Is this really essential to make sure that the right classification is being made? And, what can happen when the wrong classification is being made by engineers?

It is essential to get the site classification correct before the construction can begin. When a wrong classification is being made, the wrong design can be the result. Meaning that the building that they are starting to build, will not be correct, and they will need to pay more to get the design and the construction correct.

Different type of classes with site classifications

Sites are getting classified under “classes”. Class A means that there are sand, gravel, and rocks, with no clay. No movement will occur with this construction. Class S means that there is a slight movement with moisture.

There is a different type of class classifications, and they all mean something different. And, it is important for the contractors to know what class construction site they are building on.

The main things that are being looked for with site classification

Soil is the main thing that they are looking for when it comes to site classification. The type of soil that the site has and the moisture levels are all playing a role in the classification.

By diagnosing the type of soil that is on the construction site, and underneath the ground, will determine the classification that the site will have.

Factors that affect movements

A question that many have, is what factors have the effect of the movement of a building site. One might think that there isn’t any movement on the ground. But, there are two types of factors that are playing an important role in the movement at construction sites. It is when the soil is swelling and shrinking. Meaning that the building can get structure damage in the long run.

With swelling the damage that can be done will include damage to the foundation, walls, and floors of the building. With the shrinking for the ground, the building will have damage like structure weakness and overall damage to the building.

Site classification is the core of any construction site. Without the right site classification, construction will not be done correctly. The structures will not be done correctly, and more costs will be needed to repair the construction. This is why it is essential to get the right site classification done before any construction can start. And, soil testing is part of this classification. The type of soilScience Articles, moisture and if the soil is shrinking or swelling has to do with the results of the site classification.

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