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Friday, January 28, 2022
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Top 5 Benefits of Investing in an Automation Test Tool

What is a test automation and how does it help in improving the software QA approach? What are the benefits of an automation test tool? This article takes a closer look at the top benefits in store for a QA team.

Automation testing is fast becoming highly popular across the globe because of the many benefits it brings to the table. In fact, its advent has revolutionized the approach towards software QA. Today, we have automation test tools like QARA Test, Katalon Studio, and TestComplete, are packed with more advanced features than ever, and are more of complete test automation management tools.

These tools are built with several features, all of which make the QA process easier, faster and more efficient. With features like simultaneous execution, support for multiple browsers/platforms, integrations with popular tools, and more, these platforms are what QA teams need to overcome every challenge and meet their goals. This article takes a closer look at the top 5 benefits of investing in an automation tool.

1] Increased Efficiency

Testing is a significant yet time consuming part of the software development lifecycle and even a small increase in efficiency of the QA process can make a huge difference in the total time required for developing the software. An automation test tool makes the process faster and hence increases the efficiency significantly, which is also due to elimination of errors caused due to manual testing. Also, the tool does not require constant monitoring, and hence runS 24x7 if required, which again contributes to the efficiency.

2] Increased Test Coverage

With automation, it becomes possible to execute a lot many test cases that are impossible to execute manually. Since an automation test tool increases the volume that can be executed, it increases the test coverage. In the absence of a test automation management tool, execution of large volumes of test cases would mean involving a large team working for impossibly long hours, which is not practical. This is where it scores over the manual QA process.

3] Early Detection of Defects

The implementation of Agile methodology of software development, which emphasizes on continuous testing, is only possible with automation. This approach ensures that the software product is tested after every phase, instead of QA at the end. It facilitates the early detection of bugs which was not possible earlier, before its advent. Today, more and more organizations across the globe are going Agile and this has been made possible only by the test automation management tools.

4] Highest Product Quality

The factors like increased coverage, early detection of bugs and increased efficiency that minimalizes the errors, ensures that the usage of an automation test tool helps QA teams achieve the highest quality standards. In the highly competitive times of today, what customers want is a software that matches the highest quality standards. If a company fails to meet the quality standards, it can be next to impossible to make the customers happy.

5] Faster Time to Market

The fact that automation increases the efficiency of the QA process and makes it faster, results in a faster time to market for the software product. Also, the fact that the software product is tested continuously, saves time, contributing to a faster time to market. Also, it helps in rectifying the issues and glitches on time, saving the efforts to find and fix them at the last moment.


The increased efficiency of automation makes it possible to execute test cases repeatedly within a given time frame, which contributes to a higher software quality. So, while the initial investment might be high, the ROI is usually very highArticle Submission, which is why several organizations today are investing in an automation test tool.

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