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Thursday, July 18, 2019
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Why 3D Printing Is green

3D printing has a lot of applications, but one of its best features is the fact that it is very green. Read more to find out how.

3D printing is already changing the way that we look at various aspects within the world we live in. There are vast changes in a wide variety of industries. Some of these industries revolve around saving lives in the medical world. Others involve promoting the use of our military, and testing new weapons and armor, etc. There are other applications which revolve around engineering, and producing customized parts. Others work around prototyping, and creating various models to be tested. Consumers are also buying 3D printing related parts to have within their own homes. Th maker movement is definitely playing a role in helping with this. There are quite a few applications within this form of manufacturing technology. Some of these applications are great for engineering firms. Some of these applications are great for concept development. Other aspects about these applications are very much legal, while others may be illegal or within some kind of grey zone. Regardless, there isnít a doubt in my mind that 3D printing is coming to change the way that we look at things.

Letís discuss how it would go about doing this. There are various aspects to current manufacturing that you should know about. Currently, there is a ton of outsourcing that goes down in the United States. Many companies turn to international companies to produce products and inventories. Just by outsourcing, there are a quite a few losses to the economy, as the money supply is leaving the country. However, through 3D printing, various companies are able to create products and various physical diagrams into real life within the United States, or through various European countriesÖ or where ever you are from.

When dealing with an outsourcing manufacturing facility, there are some things to think about. These facilities donít offer that capabilities of 3D printing in most aspects, as it is impossible to create some of the prints that 3D printing can Ė without actually involving 3D printing.

Green manufacturing isnít particularly strong without 3D printing either. When you order a part, or set of parts to be produced overseas there are some expenses that occur. Some of these expenses donít necessary effect you directly, but they donít help the world. When a piece need to be made through machining methods, this is how it will go. A company will send a squad of miners, or some kind of harvesting procedure to acquire material. This material will then be transported, and refined to create a block of material. This material will then be shipped to the manufacturing facility, where it will then be cut down and drilled to, and hit with a saw until a final piece emerges through this form of technology. When that happens, quite a bit of the shavings of the raw materials will fall on the ground and wonít be used within the product .Material is wasted. Then after it is manufactured, it will be transported to a dock. At this dock, people will be paid and machinery will be used to move the product off the truck or train, and more machinery will be used to move it on to the boat. After the material is placed on the boat, it will be driven across the sea to where it will be brought to the United States. After that, it faces even more transportation issues, while 3D printing just involves printing a productArticle Search, and shipping it once.

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