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Friday, May 25, 2018
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Getting Free Website Traffic Using Twitter and Other Free Resources

Everybody needs more traffic to their website. Find out how to use free resources such as Twitter, Facebook and article marketing to dominate the search engines and increase your conversion and sales.

Free website traffic is a must for those who don't have the money for expensive PPC advertising. There are multiple ways to get website traffic, however it won't be a walk in the park. There is no such thing as a free lunch, so it will take hours of pecking on the computer in order to get the results you desire. In this site traffic guide, we will explore methods to attaining more website traffic using free resources such as social media sites and article marketing:

Article Marketing- This is one of the oldest methods to getting free website traffic. Most of the top article directories have a high page rank and are trusted by Google. For article marketing to work effectively, the Internet marketer must implement SEO practices. This means writing articles with specific (high-tailored) keyword placed throughout the article.

Keywords must be relevant. The main keyword should be in the title once and in the article 3 times (this is for a 500 word article). It is best to write 500 word articles for search engine optimization when trying to get free website traffic.

Social Bookmarking Sites- Many people often wonder whether social bookmarking still works for getting free website traffic. The answer is yes and no. It is still a good idea to implement SEO when creating bookmark titles. Since Google has changed how they value links, you will need to submit to social bookmarking sites that have a large following and a lot of visitors. Google has devalued the links for these type of sites. Another things to mention is that social bookmarking sites (just like article marketing) will take about 3-5 days before you start seeing results.

How many articles should you submit? Because Google now has more advanced software to find duplicate content, it is getting harder and harder to get articles indexed permanently in the search engines. One way to combat this is to write multiple articles (at least 10) and switch up the title and the resource box. It also helps to use a variation of anchor text (linked keyword in resource box) in order to through the search engines off. Do this every single day, (submit 10 SEO articles to at least 5 high page rank (dofollow) article directories, and you should see an increase and more website traffic in less than 2-5 days.

Social Media Sites- This is a great way to get traffic. Social networking has expanded over the past couple of years thanks to sites like Yahoo!, Facebook and Twitter.

The easiest social networking sites to use is the micro-blogging ones, such as Twitter and Facebook. With these sites, all you have to do is create a status update. These status updates are meant to inform friends and family what you are doing, however, many Internet marketers use it to advertise their products and services.

So what good would it be to do a status update with no followers or friends? This is where the problem of social media comes up. You have to develop a friend base in order to get more website traffic.

Getting Twitter Followers- The easiest way to get Twitter followers is to make sure to follow as many people as you can who have a large group of followers. Also, make sure to follow those who have the same interest as you. How will this get you more followers? Well, it makes it easier for people to find you through the people you follow. So, doing about 5-10 twitter updates per day is a good rule of thumb to follow when trying to get traffic.

Facebook- The same thing applies to Facebook. You will need to get as many friends as possible to get more website traffic. Now, Facebook has implemented a new rule where you cannot have more than 5,000 friends. Why not create more than one Facebook page? This is a perfect way to get more friends and market your products via the status update page.

How To Get More Friends On Facebook- When you first start with Facebook, you will find yourself with maybe 100-400 friends (and these are just from people you personally know). Facebook has implemented a new application located on the home page called, 'Friend Suggestion'. You can browse through people and add friends easily. You can also use the search tool to find people who are based in a certain geographical area.

So, if you use all of these methods to gain traffic, then you will see a sudden increase in sales and conversion rates (if you sell products on your site). The key is to have patience and keep trying to get traffic everyday. Use all sources of free website trafficFind Article, and you will see yourself getting more site traffic.

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