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Tuesday, September 18, 2018
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Varanasi- The Glorious Destination of India

The gorgeous destination of Varanasi that offers the best scenic views is famous for its cosmopolitan Temples and Ghats. In the morning, while the sun appears from the sacred water of Ganges River in the east direction, it seems that it is coming only for welcome to this holy city.

In the evening when the sun sets, many of the people gathered on the bank of the river and say goodbye by the Aarati songs and lit Diyaas. In the light of Diyaas that make the glorious shining and in the shining light of parting day, one can usually feel the heavenly pleasure.

On the other hand, there are many gorgeous destinations that attract the visitors from all over the world. This sacred destination is very rich in the historical and religious views excepted of Temples and Ghats. It is famous for from Lord Shiva to Buddha and the large numbers of tourists arrive per year to the vision of this gorgeous destination. There are the most famous local destinations that will help you to get the most pleasure moments. You can rent a car and explore all the famous destinations of the city easily.

The Golden Temple of Kashi Vishwanath: -

In this city of temples, Kashi Vishwanath Temple is one of the most famous temples. It is known for the jyotirlinga of lord Shiva which is the one of the 12 most sacred jyotirlingas. The sacred shrine of this temple draws your mind towards approx 3500 years back. Due to the golden colour, it is called the golden temple.

This temple is just 25 km from Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport and approx 5 km from the Varanasi Junction Railway station. One can hire a cab from there and arrive here in few minutes.

Bharat Mata (Mother India) Temple: -

This is a temple but the most interesting thing is this that it is not dedicated to any special religion. As India is called Bharat and the whole Indians called their mother land "Bharat Mata" so this temple is called Bharat Mata Temple. Here, you will find the most beautiful map of India that is made up of the marble and increasing the beauty of the temple. The timing of the temple is from morning 09:30 am to 08:00 pm in the evening.

The Bharat Mata Temple is just 3 km from Varanasi Cantt, 8 km from BHU and just 23 km from the Varanasi Airport.

Tulsi Manas Temple

Tulasi Manas Temple is the other place to visit for the religious purpose. It is the temple of Lord Rama and situated at next to Durga Temple on Durga Kund Sankat Mochan Road. It is the temple where Tulsi Das wrote the great epic Ramcharitramanas. The wall of this temple made by the white marbles and enclosed with the text of the Ramcharitramanas.

 It is just 6 km from Varanasi Junction Railway Station and approx 27 km from the Varanasi Airport. You can book the taxi or take the online help from a taxi service company.

The Aarati of Dasashwamedh Ghat: -

The Dasashwamedh Ghat is the oldest Ghat of the Varanasi city and famous for its evening Aarati while the day is parting. It is situated near the Vishwanath Temple on the bank of the river Ganges. Here, the people gather in the evening and lit the Diyaas and sung the Aarati. The gorgeousness of this Ghat is shining in the evening and the visitors enjoy this moment with a great enthusiasm.   

Assi Ghat: -

It is the southern Ghat of Varanasi and meeting place of Asi and Ganga river. Here is a lingam situated under a Peepal tree and the pilgrims take bath before paying their reverence to Lord Shiva. This Ghat has numerous references in the epics like Matasya Puran, Kurma Puran, Agni Puran and many more. It has a gorgeous beauty of nature and just 6 km from varanasi junction and 27 km from the Varanasi Airport where you can easily arrive by the help of a taxi service.

Harishchandra Ghat: -

This Ghat is named at the name of the king Harish Chandra who was a truth king and never told a lie and at the power of his truth he saves the life of his son. This Ghat is used for the cremation of the dead body. So per day, the people come from every corner of the country, bring the dead bodies burnt here. The people have a faith that if they burnt the dead body here, they attain Moksha or Salvation.   

The glorious Fort of Ramnagar: -

This fort is the glorious structure of the city and shows the gorgeousness beyond the Asi Ghat. Here is the temple and a museum in the fort where you find many glorious things in the museum like royal palkies, an armory of swords and old guns, antique clocks and many more; and in the temple that is dedicated to Ved Vyasa who wrote the epic Mahabharata, you will find the beautiful statue of Ved Vyasa.

It is just 15 km from the varanasi junction and 33 km from the Varanasi Airport. It will be easy to rent a taxi from there.

The Stupa of Sarnath: -

It is the other destination that is famous for the pleasure and religious purposes both. It is the place where Mahatma Gautam Buddha preached his first major sermon after attainment enlightenment that time he has five disciples to listen and follow his speech. In a large number of tourists arrive here from China, Japan and all over the world. This is the stronghold of Buddhishtha but the thousands of tourists arrive here each year.

It is just 24 km from Varanasi Airport and 9 km from Varanasi Junction from where one can take the help of the rental cabs.

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