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Saturday, December 7, 2019
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Hoodia Gordonii Buyers Guide to the worlds most potent weight loss plant

Hoodia plants of the gordonii variety are succulent plants from the botanical family Asclepiadaceae. The cactus has spines resembling a true cactus. Hoodia Gordonii and has been used for centuries by the San Bushmen of South Africa as a way of controlling hunger and thirst during hunting expeditions in the Kalahari desert. The use of hoodia as an appetite suppressant and recent research on its benefits have made doctors and scientists engaged in the fight against the global epidemic of obesity sit up and take notice. The consistent demonstration of the appetite-controlling effects of hoodia has led to wide public interest in the use of this plant as the basis of a dietary supplement for weight control.

I can say it definitely works. It really does take away your appetite and works wonders for giving you a great start with basic fasting. The first time I took Hoodia I didn't eat for 56 hours and never had any problems other than being psychologically thrown off. This happened because we tend to eat out of habit, so I thought about eating but I wasn't actually hungry. As for discomfort - NO HUNGER pains.

Whole hoodia powder made form the WHOLE plant contains some fiber, organic material, antioxidants and biologically active substances. The most important of these is steroidal glycosides. These molecules actually fool the brain into thinking the stomach is "full", as if you have just eaten a big meal.

Weight control is simply about calorie control. I don't care what the Atkins, Hilton Head, Trim Spa, South Beach people claim. Scientific studies have proved hoodia's ability to suppress appetite, helping obese people lose weight. Even rats, a species that will eat anything from meat and plants to indigestible fiber, lowered their dietary calorie intake to a degree that made them get thin.

Clinical and laboratory experiments show both animals and humans automatically restrict their food intake when taking hoodia orally. Some experiments are elaborate studies where obese people have taken hoodia in a controlled metabolic environment. EVERY case has shown they have been able to reduce their calorie intake by 900 to 1,100 calories daily. This is enough for most people to lose a pound every three days.

Being overweight is often associated with high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, and insulin resistance. Diabetes related illnesses affect 70 million Americans and is a common cause of premature death and disability. Hoodia could be an important nutritional factor combating overeating and diabetes. One thing for sure, it fulfills its promise of appetite control and weight loss.

The scientific analysis goes like this - steroidal glycosides act directly upon the hypothalamus, triggering a message that blood glucose is high. This is an effect related to the glucostatic mechanism of weight control. Specific receptors for the steroidal glycoside have not been identified in the rat brain, but administration of these compounds into the brain reduces food intake by a factor of up to 60 percent and increases the content of ATP hypothalamic neurons of the rat by up to 150 percent.

Bottom line - past animal experiments show potential mechanisms of action of hoodia components on brain signals that may regulate appetite, hunger or thirst.

The Bushmen have used hoodia as whole fresh plant or dried whole plant, without the flowers or roots, for thousands of years in their diet, and at times of famine, they have relied on hoodia as a staple in their diet. This shows a great precedent for the safety of the hoodia plant. But some have said it is not enough. They say that taking the plant is not the same as taking the important parts from the plant.

Hoodia effects the central nervous system by exhibiting powerful feelings for weight control, where changing your behavior reduces calorie intake. The San Bushmen, and I for that matter, say it has an energizing effect. They have used the plant during their hot and arduous hunting expeditions. This implies that hoodia supplements would be safe when combined with aerobic exercise, a major factor in promoting weight loss and healthFree Reprint Articles, and in combating insulin resistance.

Hoodia is not a drug. If you buy the right kind it is an all natural dietary supplement. IMPORTANT - If you haven't read our Hoodia Buyers Checklist found at do so before making a purchase. We do not sell Hoodia but this guide will tell you what to look out for and where to buy the hoodia plant.

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