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Friday, December 4, 2020
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One Month To Lose Weight? 3 Quick Ways To Shed Those Extra Pounds

"I've only got one month to lose weight!" If you're saying this to yourself then you've got the most effective form of motivation to shed the excess weight. Whether it's for a special occasion like fitting into a wedding dress or getting a beach body in time for the summer, setting a deadline is a great incentive to lose weight. If you really have only one month to lose weight, this article will show you how it can be done effectively. All it takes is commitment and persistence to get the results you want.

With only one month to lose weight, the first thing you must do is avoid whole grain foods and sugars completely that means everyday for the entire month. I know what you're thinking and yes, I found this difficult at first too but after a week, I was surprised how easy it was. Remember, whole grain foods include pasta, noodles, brown and white rice, brown and white bread, cereals, oats and popcorn. It's no secret that whole grain foods contain (complex) carbohydrates or starch, which is an energy source for the body that can turn into fat deposits if not used. Whole grain foods are often processed, therefore our body can't break it down as easily as natural food like fruit or vegetables. Avoiding whole grains alone will show some visible results by the second week and definitely make your one month to lose weight much easier.

The next thing is learning how to do the most effective workouts in the shortest amount of time. In my case, I once thought long cardio sessions and ab sit-ups/crunches were the key those were many years wasted. It wasn't until I had one month to lose weight myself that I decided to learn a new simple workout that finally made a difference. It consisted of a full body weight training program that worked out the arms, shoulders, back, chest, abdomen, buttocks, thighs and calf muscles, all within a short and intense 20-minute session (with no breaks). What this does is while your body recovers, it burns fat for up to 48 hours after your session, thus increasing your metabolism and weight loss. These workouts should be done consistently 3-4 times a week to get the best results.

Last but not least, it is essential to drink up to 7 cups of water per day for one month to lose weight. That also means cutting out any other types of beverages that contain sugar or alcohol for the entire one month. Obviously water will help keep you hydrated after workouts but more importantly it will increase your metabolism, which then speeds up the weight loss process. Water is an appetite suppressant that takes out toxins and sodium in the body, thus eliminating bloating. Drinking water will reduce snacking because it stops you from mistaking thirst as hunger craving. For me not only did I lose weight, I had more vitality and I even stopped drinking coffee. While drinking water may seem obvious, it is often the most overlooked aspect by most people, such as myself at one time.

One month to lose weight may seem tough but it isn't impossible. In fact, it easier than most people think. These three things must be done together during the month in order to maximize your results. You can not do one or two without the other - that's very crucial. Consistency and discipline is the key. If you're committedPsychology Articles, there's no doubt in my mind you'll get the results you truly want.

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If you want to find out more information on the best techniques to lose weight effectively within a month (31 days), I highly recommend taking a look at This has helped me immensely when I had one month to lose weight, especially in the dieting and workout department. It's ideal if you want to take your health and fitness further as it caters to both beginners and more experienced people.

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