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Monday, February 17, 2020
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Yes You Need Exercise And A Change In Your Diet for Burning Ab Fat

Mike Geary (NCSF-CPT, AFAA-CPT) is someone to take notice of - the author of the The Truth About Abs exercise and diet program has written an e-book that will help anyone get lean, lose stomach fat, and start living a healthy lifestyle.

The e-book  "The Truth About Abs" that Mike Geary has written is more than a guide to getting ripped abs - since the abs are only a small part of the whole picture.  This is an easy to follow program that will help you change your eating habits and patterns, and give you exercise routines to boost your metabolism and build core strength and lean muscle.   The book covers 3 main topics -

1. Introduction, important information on what it means to be lean, factors affecting your metabolism, a review of body fat percentage, training your abs, and lean vs fat body mass.

2. Full workouts, how to exercise more efficiently, explanation of multi-joint vs single joint exercises, along with total body work outs.  Mike also explains why cardio IS NOT helping you lose weight the way you've always been told; and

3. Diet and Nutrition, including information on blood sugar and insulin, the Glycemic Index, and the thermic (calorie burning) effects of food.

The workouts are easy to follow and are suprisingly time effective. The exercise and fitness program is broken down into two sections: Interval training and Resistance and Weight training.  Anything longer then 45-60 minutes is not required for an effective training session.  The training program is broken down into 45-60 minute sessions, 3-4 times per week. If you really want to get your body toned and in shape, then you should easily be able to find time for this schedule.  The bonus is you don't need a gym or a lot of equipment.  However, Mike suggests having a set of dumb bells and an exercise ball to most effectively perform the workouts.   This shouldn't be a huge investment, $30-40  at the most - way cheaper than a gym, and it means you have created your own gym right at home.

The Truth About Abs program has a specific meal plan consisting of 5-6 smaller meals, eaten every 3 hours.  A great tip that Mike explains is to take your meal plan and shop for everything once per week.  This makes it easy to prepare and stick with the more frequent smaller meals you need to be effective on this plan.  There is also a section which exlains how to determine your total calorie requirements - along with the more frequent smaller meals, this will help you figure out the total amount of food you should be consuming.  This was a great help for me, to know that this is not a fad diet where you are will be hungry over half of the time. In fact you should never feel hungry if you follow this plan.  HOWEVER, this will probably be a change from your regular eating patterns, and so you need to be disciplined and make sure to follow the recommended diet plans. The book is quite clear that the nuitrition part of the plan is a FULL 50% of your success - if you only train and still eat poorly, then you will not get the optimum results.  Making sure to combine the exercise and nuitrition plans described by Mike will ensure that you will progress towards your wieght and fitness goals.

If you're like me, you've procrastinated on starting a real plan for losing weight for a long time.  Mike's program was just the incentive I needed to get started, and he provides so much information and detailed workout and meal plansFeature Articles, it was a lot easier to stick with my goals.

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Like anyone, Matt Brodderick has always tried to lose weight and finally get six-pack abs.  Part of his search for the ultimate fitness and diet program to lead him to that goal has meant reviewing all the programs he tries.   Check out the reviews of the lose weight programs that Matt has written and see which one(s) live up to their claims. (See other articles Adam has written at )

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