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Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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Gestational Surrogacy: A Ray of Hope

Having a Baby wandering around the house and calling 'Dad' and 'Mom' is one of the most exciting moment for a couple's life, but for those couples who are coping with infertility, conceiving baby can be trying.

Chances are, someone you're close to is struggling to get pregnant, but you may never know. Infertility can be devastating, and it's time to talk about it openly. Surrogacy can be a miraculous gift, a ray of hope for those couple who are silently struggling with infertility since long. A surrogate mother Canada can fulfill their desire to become parents. Surrogacy is the process that has helped many couples overcome infertility to achieve their goal having a child.

In this generation, most people know about surrogacy and also know that there are two broad swath of Surrogate Mother, Traditional Surrogate vs Gestational Surrogate. Baby born through traditional surrogacy is biologically connected with surrogate mother.

What is Gestational Surrogacy?

Gestational Surrogacy is used for the majority of surrogacy procedures. It involves gestational carrier who give birth and to a child that is conceived using an egg from the female partner and sperm from male partner.

In Vitro Fertilization process, is used to perform this procedure and the Gestational Carrier immediately releases the child to the parents till the birth of the child.

Form of Gestational Surrogacy

The term itself describe the variations. Gestational surrogacy uses Vitro Fertilization – IVF, using eggs from the intended mother or donor and sperm from the father or donor; that is than implemented in a surrogate. This genetically relate child with intended parents.

Intended Parents use gestational surrogacy for several reasons, like inability to carry a safe pregnancy.

However, the main consideration is, in different type of gestational surrogacy, gestational carrier is not biologically related to child.

Gestational Surrogacy Using Egg Donor

This form of Gestational Surrogacy uses a donor's eggs. This is when a woman have poor quality of eggs dues to illness, aging or not able to carry pregnancy. Parents can use from donors, egg that fertilized with father's sperms and implemented in surrogate mother's uterus.

In this treatment, where surrogate mother is not genetically related to child.

Gestational Surrogacy – Mother's Eggs and Father's Sperms

This is most common gestational surrogacy treatment. With intended mother's eggs and father's sperms, surrogate mother carry baby of intended Parents. This must require the mother to be able enough to produce viable eggs. In Vitro Fertilization techniques are used to retrieve mother's eggs and fertilized by father's sperms.

Gestational Surrogacy is expensive way, but it does offer something that other options do not. However, the successful rate depends upon many factors such as health, the quality of eggs biological mother provided.

Initially, in many cases, the rates of pregnancy are actually higher when using eggs that taken from biological mother who is fertile.

As the baby genetically related to intended parents, they don't need to go through separated adoption process. Once baby birth, surrogate mother happily handover her all rights to their biological parents. In many caseFree Web Content, surrogate stay in touch with intended parents to keep up growth of child.

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