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Monday, October 15, 2018
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Pros and Cons of Being a Surrogate Mother in India

Surrogacy is a ground-breaking infertility technique that is being used to resolve acute cases of female infertility. Women who are not able to carry a healthy, full-term pregnancy have been able to experience maternal bliss because of this technique.

The role of a surrogate mother is invaluable as she is rents her womb for nurturing the baby. Being a surrogate is a blessing yet there are huge responsibilities that the woman bears. There are some pros and cons associated with serving as a surrogate mother in India. It is important for a surrogate to be aware of them before she steps in the role.


Emotional Satisfaction

The biggest factor that goes in favor of surrogacy is the emotional satisfaction it brings for the surrogate. Being a part of the cycle means that she would be able to help a hopeless couple have a family of their own. Emotional maturity is something that a surrogacy clinic in Delhi seeks in a woman while considering her as a future surrogate.

Financial Consideration

While the emotional aspect is significant, money plays an equally crucial role. A large number of women rent out their wombs as it enables them make money for their families. This is one reason why India serves as one of the best surrogacy destinations in the world. It is easy to find a surrogate mother in India as the population is high and there are many women willing to volunteer due to dearth of money.


Relinquishment of the Baby

The worst thing that a surrogate has to deal with is the relinquishment of the baby once it is born. It is natural for a woman to have a bonding with the baby she has carried for nine months; giving it up could be one the biggest challenges. It becomes all the tougher in gestational surrogacy, when the woman is genetically linked with the baby. But this is one challenge that the surrogate needs to be aware of right at the beginning.

Complexities of Diagnostics

The complexity of diagnostics is another con of standing in this role. The woman has to go through a battery of tests during the entire cycle. The protocol of every surrogacy clinic in Delhi includes certain medical, psychological, and genetic tests for the surrogate. Additionally, there are countess diagnostic tests she has to take during the treatment as well as the pregnancy. Though the cost of these tests is born by the intended parents, the physical discomfort has to be borne by the surrogate.

Treatment/Pregnancy Related Risks

Surrogacy is associated with a number of risk factors, just like any other assisted reproductive technique is. There are chances of multiple pregnancies, as the woman may have been subjected to ovulation induction in IUI. Alternatively, multiple embryo transfer during IVF could be another causative factor. Similarly, there is also a probability of genetic defects in the baby, as there is in any other pregnancy. Other pregnancy-related complications such as gestational hypertension, diabetes, premature labor, etc could also trouble a surrogate. A responsible surrogacy clinic in Delhi would discuss all these risks with a woman before she volunteers to step in for the cycle.

Ethical Issues

Yet another challenge that every surrogate mother in India faces relates to the ethical aspect of surrogacy. Several people think of surrogacy as a baby selling business, with women giving up their babies for money. They fail to understand that this is a noble deed that rejuvenates hope for the hopeless. Not all women may be able to cope with the social stigma. HoweverComputer Technology Articles, the decision of being a surrogate is totally up to the woman. There is nothing wrong even if she does it for money.

A woman should weigh all the pros and cons of surrogacy before taking this decision. She should be completely sure before taking up the responsibility of carrying the hopes of another couple.

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