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Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Psychics Industry

Regardless of your belief your soul and spirit shall live on eternally, you may progress on the spirit side never choosing to manifest on earth again or you may choose to come back to earth  

To understand life both on the earthly plane and afterwards, one could search for eternity and still not find the correct answers. The truth is annoyingly as unregulated as the spiritual or psychic readings industry and is even more mystical, magical and highly elusive in equal measure. One can live a life of ignorance preferring to leave their spiritual awareness to the point it will emerge, that being the physical death or one can prepare and investigate the journey ahead. For the well prepared and organised it is unfathomable to me that one should live with a myriad of question marks over ones destiny.

A life on the earthly plane does indeed fly by and instead of dreading their impending demise, those in their latter years, struck down by critical illness or facing their transition early, can find an inner peace once it realised what we are made of, what we are and what we will once again be formed of .

As much mystery surrounds the psychic industry as does the afterlife and that is because the two are firmly entwined. The experience of a psychic reading actually finds it roots tethered within the spirit realms or the realms of the afterlife and yes a true psychic clairvoyant can communicate and understand the consciousness which exists separate to the physical shell once earthly ‘death’ occurs.

I guess to try and explain the link, simply think of a student that will enter into study, gain certain qualifications or maybe not as the case may seem, and then graduate. This is a parallel story to that of the earthly experience, we are all part of the birth, life, death cycle, we come to earth to experience and grow and to learn lessons, it was never meant to be easy but a more spiritual path will ease the common horrors of the emotional monsters and thoughts commonly predominant in many peoples lives.

Once we leave the earthly plane and join the astral plane in spirit body form, then that is graduation point. A cause for celebration and this is how death should be viewed not as an awful occurrence that brings us out in sympathy but as a celebration. You wont have ended, finished or be forever entombed within the earth, oh no dear reader your consciousness, personality or core, call it what you will, will live on and I can guarantee this beyond any any doubt at all.

Regardless of your belief system, your soul and spirit shall live on eternally, you may progress on the spirit side never choosing to manifest on earth again or you may choose to come back to earth as your spirit may be undeveloped and your spiritual awareness may still be inert.

If you read these words with disbelief then let me recommend you try a psychic reading with a psychic medium reader – let them amaze you with the information they will know just about you with uncanny accuracy, then apply this knowledge to your own path of learningPsychology Articles, your internal spiritual shift will then begin.

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Rachel Saxon writes for the metaphysical industry and is a reiki master, and spiritualist, all articles are unbiased and fact based. Recommended websites are:





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