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Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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Fiona Bingly
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Papain is a low specificity proteolytic enzyme. It is widely found in the roots, stems, leaves and fruits of papaya, and has the highest content in immature latex. Papain is a sulfhydryl protease, and...
Starting from a cup of coffee or milk in the morning, it seems that a vital substance—enzyme, is inseparable from modern people's dining table. In fact, not only in the food and beverage industr...
Probiotics are a type of active microorganisms that play a role by improving the balance of the host's intestinal microflora. They can produce definite health effects to improve the host's micro ecolo...
In 2018, the global enzyme product market reached approximately US$9.3 billion. It is expected that from 2019 to 2025, the market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.1%, reaching a scale o...
It has been 130 to 140 years since the concept of the enzyme was put forward to the mature enzyme industry. In 1897, after scientists broke the yeast wall, the extract obtained had the function of con...
Several commonly used food additive enzyme preparations: trypsin, papain, chymosin, protease, lipase
This article summarizes the application of some enzymes in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases from aspects of enzymatic diagnosis and medicinal enzymes, confirming the indispensable i...
Lysozyme, known as muramidase or glycoside hydrolase or N-acetyl muramidyl glycanhydrolase, is a hydrolase that specifically acts on the cell wall of microorganisms.
The digestion, absorption, respiration, exercise and reproduction in life activities are all enzymatic reactions. Enzymes are the basis for cells to survive. Almost all chemical reactions involved in ...
Cellulase is of great significance in expanding the comprehensive utilization of raw materials and plant materials in the food industry, increasing the utilization rate of raw materials, purifying the...
Disinfection methods are divided into physical methods, chemical methods and biological methods. The use of biological enzymes as disinfectants should be one of the biological disinfection methods. Bi...
The intestine is the human body's largest digestive and immune organ, responsible for 99% of nutrient absorption and 70% of immune work. The amount of food consumed in the lifetime is equivalent to 12...
Enzymes are biocatalysts produced by living cells in organisms, most of which are usually globular proteins. These enzymes can effectively catalyze various biochemical reactions and promote the metabo...
Probiotics as well as gut microbiota have been international research hotspots and social hot topics in recent years. In media reports, probiotics often have various health effects and can "treat mult...
The World Health Organization defines probiotics as live bacteria that can play a beneficial role in the health of consumers by ingesting an appropriate amount.

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