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Sunday, February 17, 2019
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7 proven ways to get more prospects to want to respond

Direct response advertising is all about making an offer and getting a response. Here's 7 proven ways to get more prospects to want to respond and take the next step in your sales process. 

Direct response advertising is all about making an offer and getting a response.

Whether you're asking your prospect to make a purchase, pick up the phone to call you, or simply to provide their email contact. Your objective is to get them to respond and take the next step in your sales process.

Here’s 7 proven ways to get more prospects to want to respond.

1.    Speak to your prospect from the heart

What I call "finding your authentic voice". Too many business owners end up sounding like everyone else and it's not their fault they just follow examples of  others who they think might know what they're doing.  But honestly, they more than likely don't have a clue either.  My tip is to write like you are writing to a friend so the "real you" shows up and your personality shines through. Then you will connect with your prospect on an emotional level and create impact. 

2.    Added-value bonuses or even bonus overload

The secret to out-marketing your competition is to find ways to add value to your customer's experience at no extra charge to them. Not only will this increase the perceived value of what they are buying but it will make your offering unique which means it can't be compared to your opposition.  Adding bonuses that are worth even more than the asking price is known as bonus overload which means massive perceived value for the customer.   

3.    30-day Risk-Free trial

A risk-free trial is a great way to take away someone's hesitation.  That's because it puts the performance of the product or service you're offering firmly on your shoulders. If someone is not buying your product – they either don't want it, or they don't believe it's as good as what you say it is.

So if they are interested, then a risk-free trial will quickly turn a "maybe" into a "yes".

4.    Free Offer

Whether you're selling a product or a service you'll turn more prospects into customers if you offer something for free. A free report or audio from your website or a  redeemable coupon from a press ad or direct mail offer are all proven techniques to get more people to respond. Of course you want to make it valuable and relevant and tie it into your overall offering.

5.    Remind your prospect of their problem or fear, and that you have the answer to solving that problem

Enter the conversation where your prospect is at and you can quickly get to the heart of the matter. Identify and remind them of the problem or fear they have around a particular issue and demonstrate how you can help them solve it.  We know that people buy on emotion so dig to stir up the negative emotions they are feeling and then describe how they will feel when they move beyond it.  The best way to do this is to tell a story that your reader can relate to.

6.    Power questions

If you've ever sold anything for a living, then you may have already discovered the power of questions. And because advertising is simply selling in writing the principals that apply to selling one-on-one are the same. There's a ton of questions you could ask your prospect but the idea is to focus in like a laser beam on your prospects inner thoughts and get them to use their imagination. Just make sure there is a close correlation between the point you're making and the impression you want to make. Your prospect's desire and imagination will take care of the rest.

7.    Answer objections

Do your research and understand what questions your prospects will have about buying your product or service. What will they need to know to be confident they are making a good decision? Make sure you answer them throughout your copy. It's a bit like the elephant sitting in the middle of the room – no-one wants to talk about it but ignoring it doesn't make it go away. Of course you don't call them objections and you can use creative examplesFree Articles, testimonials and case studies as techniques to address them. A great tip is to give them a Q & A sheet as well.

Use these proven strategies in your advertising and I guarantee you that more people will want to respond to your offer. Once they want to respond you only have to encourage them to take immediate action to maximize your results.

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Small business marketing expert Kathleen Ann is the "Marketing Champion for small Business and entrepreneurs." As a Certified Money, Marketing and Soul Coach Kathleen delivers breakthrough marketing strategies so soul-inspired entrepreneurs can Brand, Package and Price their services to quickly create more money, time and freedom in their business. For free articles, free resources and to sign up for her free audio and transcript "7 Must Know Secrets to Business Branding Success", essential Branding strategies to help you attract qualified ideal clients in droves, visit

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