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Sunday, April 5, 2020
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The Junk Heap That Heals

How many of you have heard the term ... baggage? That's ... notions and emotions we carry around with us. Some people tryto justify it with ... of a ... family. Others b

How many of you have heard the term emotional baggage? That's the
negative notions and emotions we carry around with us. Some people try
to justify it with statements of a dysfunctional family. Others blame
poor schooling. Fate gets a bad name too. As I was going through one
of my folders on self-esteem, I rediscovered an article published by
Sunshine Magazine in September 1990. If I like an article, it gets
clipped or copied and I actually have a good filing system for all sorts
of topics. I've had a couple of issues in my life recently that I need
to dump so this article caught my attention. The old saying of teaching
what you most need to know is so true. Perhaps it will help you or
someone you know. It was taken from the Kleinknecht Gems of Thought

"Good, like truth, is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

In addition to doing a good deed, junk something every day. Junk your
fears, junk your worries, junk your anxieties, junk your little
jealousies, envies and hatred. Whatever interferes with your getting up
and getting on in the world - junk it!

Every night before you go to sleep, put upon the junk heap all your
disappointments, all your grudges, your revengeful feelings, your
malice. Junk everything that is hindering you from becoming a big,
strong, vibrant character.

The trouble with most of us is that we have no junk heap of this sort.
We pull all our mental enemies, all our handicaps, our discouragements,
our losses, our troubles and worries and trials along with us every
day. That consumes more than 50 percent of our vitality and energy, so
that we have only the smaller amount left for the great task of making
our lives a success."



The second item I'm sharing are excerpts from an article written by
Michael Angier who publishes The Success Digest e-zine and hosts the
site named This material was in the August 7th, 2000

"It would probably be fair to say that most social problems are the
result -- directly or indirectly--of someone's low self-concept.

Not too many years ago, I was going through a dark time in my life. So
what changed? Was it outward circumstances? Did my environment change
and with it my inner experience? No.

Somehow I knew that for things to change it would have to be me who
would have to change. It would be an inner transformation that would
eventually alter the outward experience. Some of the things I did
unconsciously. Others were done with deliberation."

Mr. Angier goes on to state that he removed himself from people who had
been critical and found he gained a better perspective. He read books
of inspiration which gave him hope. He saw a therapist. He focused on
his strengths, talents, and knowledge. When he felt negative thoughts
coming on, he'd redirect his mind to something else. No more pity
parties were indulged. He kept busy, not knowing what his future would
bring - he took one day at a time.

"And each day I did what I could to clean up my messes, make things
better, keep my focus forward instead of backward and keep the faith.
It was my faith in Universal Spirit that helped me get through this
'winter of discontent'. I believe that everyone has a unique purpose
and I was determined to discover mine. God doesn't make junk."

Michael ends the article with this: "You're either building yourself up
or tearing yourself down. There is no status quo when it comes to your

I hope that these two pieces have opened up your thought patterns and
will encourage you to release negativity, junk, or emotional baggage you
may be harboring and lugging around. Release it into your visualized
nightly junk pile, or write it down and then burn or rip to shreds the
piece of paperArticle Submission, or go outside and vent it verbally while letting the
breeze carry it away. May you find peace and increased energy.

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