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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Brake Repair Can Help You Save Yourself and a Deer

Wildlife poses a serious threat to your safety when driving through rural areas, and in some cases even in heavily populated cities. Brake repair is necessary so you can slow down to avoid a collision with any unsuspected critters.

If you live in the country or drive on rural roads, you know that wildlife dashing in front of your vehicle is a real threat. Brake repair is an important component of regular car maintenance to ensure you have the power to evade danger in an emergency situation. The number one rule to avoid deer, moose, or even opossum is never to swerve. Slowing down, and preferably stopping is much safer than potentially driving off a cliff or into another vehicle. In addition to some defensive driving techniques and common sense, make sure you have you have regular brake repair and maintenance to keep you and your passengers safe.

The most important step to avoiding a collision with an animal is being aware of your surroundings. If you live in an area where this is common, familiarize yourself with the seasons by researching or speaking with locals. They will know which areas and times of year are the most dangerous. Donít rely on signs as your only form of warning. In very remote areas, there may not be any posted or the government may not have updated them recently. Herds migrate as well, so while one year they may concentrate near one area, the next they might have moved. So while signs can give you some indication, donít take a lack of them to mean there are no inherent dangers. Always stay alert and keep your eyes moving so you can catch sudden movement on the side of the road.

Slow down. This is why brake repair is so important. You need reliable brakes, not only in the instance a deer does leap past your car, but in case you panic. Some people become hyper sensitive to their surroundings when there is the threat of a wildlife collision, resulting in hitting the brakes more than necessary. To keep you and other drivers nearby safe, you need brakes that can decelerate properly. It is recommended to drive no faster than 55mph in areas with wildlife, slower if the weather or road conditions are poor or if there are several blind turns. If youíre racing up a mountain and a deer hops in front of you it wonít matter how sharp your brakes are if youíre driving 90mph.

Many people seem to think that a deer will only jump in front of a carís path if there are no other vehicles on the road. While deer do tend to emerge during quieter times, they can still cross your path on a crowded road. Ensure you are travelling at a reasonable pace to keep up with traffic and allow hasty drivers to pass. A tailgater can slam into the back of your car if you need to slam on your brakes, and a collision from the front and back is doubly dangerous. Honk if you do think you see a deer, not only will this alert the animal and possibly prevent him from movingScience Articles, but other drivers will take note as well. Flashing your brights can also help warn other drivers and the animal.

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