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Saturday, May 25, 2019
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Things to Keep in Mind While Pitching to a New Client

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And this fact has been proved true countless number of times. The impression that we make on a person could have more impact than what we say to him or her. Communication is not limited to just the words coming out of your mouth. Your body language, your expressions and the tone of your voice also play a very influential role in delivering your message across. Which is why, while pitching to a new client, a marketing and advertising agency should keep the following points in mind:

  1. Choose the current representative: The agency should make smart choices when it comes to choosing the client servicing executive who would pitch to the new client. As mentioned before, the tone of voice of a person could offer an insight to his/her confidence levels and would help make a lasting impression on the prospective clients. Other than that, the hand movements, gestures and other expressions can also help lock the audience in when used correctly.
  2. Keep your back straight: Always stand tall in front of your audience. Do not slouch as it will make you look lazy and unenthusiastic about your presentation. If you are not interested in what you say then what hope do you have of making someone else listen to you. Also, standing straight with your back erect will help you feel relaxed and will also help you breather better.
  3. Smile a lot: Use your smile as often as you can. It will help you loosen up and will also engage your audience in a positive way. They will feel a little more comfortable in your presence.
  4. Eye Contact: Not maintaining eye contact might make you look fidgety and lacking in confidence. People will pay more attention to you and will listen to you more intently if you maintain eye contact.
  5. Look Authoritative: Maintain a calm composure, keep a stiff posture and use defined hand gestures. This will make you come across as someone who is in total control of the situation. Take pauses and breathe slowly so that you don’t look harried.
  6. Use the space: Never just stand in one position and deliver your speech. Use the space around you. Walk while you talk. For instance, if you are explaining bullet points, finish talking about one point and then move a couple of steps and start discussing the next point. This will add a bit of variety and won’t let your pitch get monotonous and will also ensure that audience is engaged. They will participate more this way.
  7. Defined gestures: When trying to make a point, point directly at the screen and then back at the audience to try and illustrate your point in a descriptive matter. This will make the audience follow your gaze and will ensure that they are listening to you and paying attention to what you are saying.
  8. Use positive gestures: Nod your head when you agree with someoneArticle Search, smile constantly and listen intently when a question is put to you. Always answer with a smile.

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Follow these simple pointers and there is no way that your marketing and advertising agency won’t be able to close the deal.

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