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Friday, June 5, 2020
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What Are Your Options for Concealable Body Armor?

Body armor offers vital protection for police officers, military personnel and security forces. However, not all armor is created equal. Concealable body armor offers far more anonymity than a bullet proof vest worn outside the clothing, which is a vital consideration for many applications.

Plainclothes police officers, military police, investigators and security personnel need to keep their identity concealed in many instances.This type of armor offers the means to do just this.

What Is Concealable Body Armor?

Before you can find the right system to protect you or your officers, you will need to know a bit more about what concealable armor is, how it works and the protection it affords. First, it is worn under the clothing, making this selection of body armor an excellent option for many different applications where a visible vest would be inadvisable. Second, it is usually only a bullet proof vest, rather than a full suit of armor, though there are constant innovations and advances in the industry. Vest are form fitted to the individual, offering the best fit and the most comfort possible, while maintaining a low profile, which can be hidden under a uniform shirt, and jacket, or even just a shirt. Finally, it has been optimized to protect against small arms fire. 9 MM, 357 Magnum,.22 caliber and many other types of threats can be protected against. However, for those who may face high-powered rifles. In these instances, heavier protection is required to prevent injuries and potential fatalities.

Alternatives to Concealable Body Armor

For concealment and protection, there really is no alternative to wearing a good concealable vest. Standard body armor might offer better protection from higher powered firearms, but this style of bullet resistant vest does an excellent job of protecting against the most common threats to those who usually find a need for this type of armor. Vests and suits of armor worn outside the clothing can offer more protection, but they can not be hidden underneath your clothing, and this makes them poor solutions for any situation where maintaining an "ordinary" appearance is important.

Levels of Protection

Like other armored vest   systems, this style of armor is available in a range of protection levels as designated by the National Institute of Justice. Concealable armor usually falls with levels IIA, II, IIIA and III and IV. It's highly recommended that you choose a resistance level that offers protection from the widest range of threats. Level III-A is the highest protection level in a soft body armor which will protect you against most hand gun threats. The least protective vest generally offer the most flexibility but less ballistic protection. The key is to find a vest that has the highest level of ballistic protection and still provide some mobility so the vest is comfortable to wear, thus allowing the person to wear his/her vest for extended periods of time such as the standard eight to ten hour shift. Having an uncomfortable vest can lead to leaving it at home or in the locker due to improper fitHealth Fitness Articles, which can leave the wearer vulnerable. It is good to take time with your measurements to get them correct.

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