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Saturday, February 22, 2020
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Natascha. Kampusch’s Imprisonment Life Jailed for 8 Years (II)

After six month, In order to avoid the police, Wolfgang • Puri Claude Pierre set more restricted regulations for Natascha. Kampusch. It is far more impossible for him to find the persons in the forest...

After six month, In order to avoid the police, Wolfgang • Puri Claude Pierre set more restricted regulations for Natascha. Kampusch. It is far more impossible for him to find the persons in the forest, he can’t get money. Therefore, Kampusch was more seriously disabused.

Kampusch was deprived of all freedom including name.

Kampusch was forced to change its name as "Bibi.An".  Kampusch recalled,” " After I was kidnapped for one and a half years, he suddenly said to me," You aren’t called Natasha any longer, now you're mine. "" Then she was forced to a new name "Bibi. Anan", which completely deprived of her sense of identity,

"I can not look directly at his face. I must get his permission, if I want to stand up, sit down, turnaround, or speak. Even when I'm on the toilet, he would be with me."

Puri Claude Pierre built a Walkie Talkie in the dungeon. a microphone was installed in the walkie-talkie, which makes any slightest sound in the room would be heard by Puri Claude Pierre. If Kampusch didn’t response on time, he will growling towards the radio, until a burst of sound shook her and made her headache. Kampusch must said “ Obey ”, every tine she replied him.

She was hit 200 times a week

Puri Claude Pierre became very strange at age of Kampusch’she 12 years old.

Every time, when KAmpusch came by, he would make some slight sexual harassment to her such as kicking her legs.

For some period of time, she was taken to the ground to starte doing various households. All objects in the kitchen must be slightly polished. If Puri Claude Pierre wasn’t satisfied, she will be bitted heavily.

She writes: "He hated my pain look and crying sound. At this time, he would choke my throat, dragged me to the sink, put my head in the water and pinch my neck until I almost lost consciousness."

"I still remember when he hit my spine with his fist; I heard a crisp of spine cracking. Then I lost consciousness, which seemed as if I left my body for a moment."

It is common for Kampusch to bear such miserable disabuse. At the most serious time, she went through more than 200 beaten. She was so aching, that she could not lie down, only lie on her side.

Work half-naked and self-proclaimed "slave"

After 14 years, she finally had the opportunity to sleep on the ground overnight. She lied beside Puri Claude Pierre with their hands handcuffed by a rubber manacle. She can’t stop shaking in fear, but couldn’t make any sound.

He did not sexually assaulting me in those nights Handcuffed me in bed and sleep together. This kidnapper, who frequently beat me and locked in the dungeon, apparently has another consideration. He just wanted to have something to hold.

With Puri Claude Pierre‘s heavy suspicion increasing, he began to fear any trace that would lead the police to find Kampusch. He cut her hair.

He asked Kampush work at home half naked, and ordered her to self-proclaimed as "slave" and called him "my master."

He has forbidden her to eat too much food. In this way, her poor health can make her docile and obedient, and avoid her escape easily.

Finally she caught the opportunity to escape.

At her eighteen years old, One day in August 2006, when He was busy in washing the car in the yard. She took a pack bage

With a laser pointer and struggled to escape the house, ran across a few homes. Finally hidden in the garden of a house, then at night, she turned on thelaser pointer  to light the window. The host found and rescued her.

Finally, Puri Claude Pierre they throw himself in front of an oncoming train.

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