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Saturday, March 23, 2019
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The Motorola Razr Driver - Oh So Important

When you buy a phone, you expect all of the relevant software or programming to come with it, and for that programming to be easy to use and understand.  Failing that, it is reasonable to expect that ...

When you buy a phone, you expect all of the relevant software or programming to come with it, and for that programming to be easy to use and understand.  Failing that, it is reasonable to expect that the customer service center that deals with your questions will be able to help you with your problems in short order.  Unfortunately, you don’t necessarily get that with Motorola and the Razr phone.  Motorola joins with many other technology companies to provide virtually no customer support, and yet provides a phone with PC connectivity that requires a special driver to function.  This driver is sold with the phone and USB cable to their customers, however should you ever misplace or accidentally destroy this CD, you are completely out of luck for your driver.  If this is the case, Motorola will require that you purchase a new USB cable in order to get the CD for your Motorola Razr driver.  This can get very expensive, especially if you are the kind of person who tends to misplace CDs and you happen to need your driver more than once or need it for several different computers (work, home, the laptop, etc.)  To save yourself the money, not to mention the headaches, it is a good idea to look for the driver for download online.  Motorola does not offer this download, however you can find it at other places online where customers have uploaded the contents of the CD for others to take.  Be careful with these sites – some of them are scam sites that host viruses or spyware of some kind, and others want to charge you for the download.  If you search cautiously and keep your virus scanner on at all times, you can often find valid sites that offer the Motorola Razr Driver for free to existing Motorola Razr users who have lost their drivers or just want a copy and do not have their CDs close to hand.  Many of these sites contain disclaimers asking that you do not download the driver if you did not have a copy originally because in that case you are not entitled to the software, and would be stealing.  So far Motorola has made no move to shut down either these legitimate sites, which offer the drivers that you need to use your Motorola Razr phone in conjunction with your computer, or the other sites, which ask for money for the driver or which include malware in your download.  As long as this continues, it should be relatively simple to get the Motorola Razr driver that you need online.  It is a bad idea to count on this, though, as Motorola might eventually decide to take action against people who are sharing the driver that essentially belongs to them as a company.  To keep from losing your source of downloads if you legitimately have the right to access this driver, it is a good idea to burn a disk and keep it somewhere special as your “emergency key”.  By this we mean that you should burn two copies – use one to actually install the driver and make use of it, and reserve the other for when you lose the “use” CD and need an install.  Make a new copy, keep your original safe, and you will always have your Motorola Razr driver available for use.  However you go about getting and keeping your Motorola Razr driver, this little bit of software can seriously enhance your use of the phone, making it that much more versatile and convenient to use and allowing you to make full use of all of your phone’s features, including the PC compatibility.

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