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Tuesday, November 12, 2019
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Fluorography - The Art of Language of Flowers

Flowers have the ability to bring cheer with their beauty and charm. They are also beneficial to the environment and also to birds and insects. Humans have also benefited from flowers in many ways. Flowers are also used as a means of communication and the art of attributing meaning to flowers is known as Floriography.

Flowers are one of the most precious gifts of Mother Nature. They have the ability to bring cheer and spread happiness all around with their sheer beauty and charm. Humans are naturally attracted to their vibrant colors and enticing fragrances. They are also useful to humans and other animals in a number of ways. Flowers are indicators of seasons and they purify the air by turning carbon dioxide into oxygen. Flowers are also the main food source for various insects and birds. Humans have also used flowers in cooking since the olden times. They are also used in making medicines and beauty products. But the most common usage of flowers for humans is as gifts or symbols. For ages, people have used flowers as expressions of love, goodwill and other emotions. They used arrangements of flowers as a means of communication which was called floriography or the language of flowers.

Meanings were attributed to flowers throughout the ages in many cultures all over the world. The Hebrew bible mentions the use of plants and flowers as symbols particularly of love and lovers and as a symbol for the coming Messiah too. The ancient Chinese and Egyptians also used flowers in their royal courts. Among notables authors and playwrights William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Charlotte and Emily Bronte used the language of flowers in their writings. But the most significant tradition of floriography was used in the court of the Ottoman Empire in the 17th century. They developed a way of using flowers in communication which was a helpful way of passing messages to one another without the need for writing. European visitors who came across this were impressed and they took the art back to Europe. Interest in floriography soared in Victorian England and the era saw a resurgence of floriography with a number of books published on the subject. People presented gifts of flowers, plants, and specific floral arrangements to send coded messages to others. This allowed people to express feelings which could not otherwise be spoken aloud in Victorian society. Sending a bunch of flowers or wearing them as a fashion accessory allowed young women to communicate with suitors without saying a word. In today’s modern society, the art of floriography is now used in a less direct but equally meaningful way. Flowers have taken on a more universal symbolism and many varieties are closely associated with certain occasions such as Valentine’s Day and weddings. Flowers are also associated with birthdays and they are an ideal birthday gift. But it is not only for special occasions, flowers are also used as symbols and reminders of love and affection in everyday life. The demand for flowers keeps increasing day to dayFree Reprint Articles, and many florists and flower shops such as the Dubai flower centre cater to this ever growing requirement.

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