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Saturday, November 28, 2020
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Increase Your Sales In 3 Easy Steps!

If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me "How can I make more sales?" Well, lets just say, I would have a heck of a lot of nickels! The fact is the answer is different for everyone. I would have to look at your product and analyze your entire process to tell you exactly where the problem is. Lucky for you, there are a few secrets I can share with you to increase your sales right off the bat.

Do you have a good product but having a hard time getting more people to buy? I've found that the solution is usually very basic. There are many little things that can be tweaked to make a sales process more effective but here are 3 basic secrets I can share with you to increase your sales right off the bat.

These methods will work regardless of what you are selling or how you are selling it. That's the beauty of it! You see it doesn't matter if your prospect is hearing, watching or reading your sales pitch; these practices can make a huge difference if you just apply them.

#1 Build Impulse:

Impulse is your customers "willingness to buy." You must understand that your customers impulse is at ZERO when they first come across your product. It is OUR job as marketers and sales professionals to raise the impulse till the customer buys with a series of calculated steps. Back in the good ol' days this was called the "Sales Pitch" but its also referred to as the "Presentation."

Your pitch has to be well thought out in order to raise impulse effectively. You must anticipate those points in the pitch where the prospects impulse level will drop. Use the products hot spots to raise the impulse back up and always close at the very peak of their impulse level for best results.

#2 Leverage The Law of Averages

The number one way to double your sales is to double the amount of people you expose to your product. Every product and every salesperson will have an inherent law of average. This law represents the relationship between the customers that refused to buy and those that actually bought. For example a 1:10 law of average means that you must get 9 no's before you arrive at one sale.

Remember this is an AVERAGE. It's not to be taken literally. I might get 2 sales right off the bat and then get like 18 "No's" back to back. At the end of the day you average out your yeses and nos to get your LOA. Now, lets say you wanted to make 20 sales today, if you spoke to 100 people today and only made 10 sales then how can you make 20 sales tomorrow? You got it! Talk to 200 people.

#3 Up-Selling

I think this one of the most common areas where marketers and sales people drop the ball. They invest all this time and money into finding prospects then when they develop a buyer they just stop selling. Hello??? You have a buyer here. Buyers BUY. So keep selling! Suggest other products that might benefit the customer or perhaps a volume discount a second item. Whatever the case may be, you have to sell more or at least generate another lead from this sale. Ask them what friend or family member could benefit from an item like this of their own.

All you have to do is ask? Whats the worst that can happen, they might say "No, I'll just take one." Big deal! Let me ask you a question... when you go to McDonald's and order a value mealdont they ask you if you'd like to "super size it"? Has anyone ever walked out and refused to eat simply because they were asked to supersize their order? "NO." Of course not! So what are you afraid of? Sell. Sell. Sell!

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Omar Martin is a sales expert, internet marketer and sales page designer dedicated to training and developing high performance sales leaders in every industry. He posts free sales advice and products on: His latest product is:

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