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Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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12 Amazing Points To Boost School Education

In this article, I wrote 12 amazing points which are useful for every school. I am sure that these small changes can make big differences in school education. These amazing points can energize management efforts for efficient school education.

Information Store-Our students go to school and just gather information on various subjects and come back to their homes. This is the daily routine of our students. At the end of the academic session, students write little information from all the gathered information to get a promotion or a good report card. See what the mistake is, they are not getting training on using their mind to think about something to solve, to create, to innovate, to design, to understand something. They are just going and filling the information in their mind, and then they act according to the information feed. Our education system is an information store. The solution for this issue is to make a policy in which 50% should be theoretical information, and another 50% is practical learning. The below picture is an example of transferring information.

Unnecessary Subjects – In schools, there is no need to teach students all subjects. Instead of this, schools should teach only subjects which are useful and interesting. E.g., instead of teaching computers theoretically, we should start teaching computers only practically.

Sports Activity-By removing unnecessary subjects, schools should increase sports activities for making students’ school life interesting and strengthening. A student who is not interested in sports. In this case, the school must give other activities an option like music.


Communication Language-In most of the English medium schools, students are not able to speak or communicate in English because the atmosphere in schools is not encouraging students to communicate in English. Even teachers are not speaking English because they are also not fluent in spoken English. The school’s management should provide spoken English training to their teaching staff to resolve this issue. This is the primary duty of any education consultant to make a good atmosphere at schools.

See what we do in our tuition classes for this issue is, first of all, we teach them tense, then our tutors communicate in English with students to making a positive atmosphere for students. The result of this small effort is very amazing. About 90% of students day by day learned how to communicate in basic spoken English. The logic behind this is to give confidence and encouragement to students for removing the fear of speaking from their minds. Some effort our home tuition team performs in Indore, and the results are amazing here too.

Regular Meditation and Yoga – If we make a daily habit of physical exercises and yoga, I am sure our India is going to have such a great generation that is more efficient and energetic. It is a fact that meditation calms the mind and gives strength and stability to the mind, then why should our school not make this routine for all students? In every school, they must have one tutor for the coaching of meditation. Meditation, also known as loving-kindness meditation, begins with developing kind thoughts and feelings toward yourself. Through practice, people learn to extend this kindness and forgiveness externally, first to friends, then acquaintances, and, ultimately, enemies. A meta-analysis of 22 studies on this form of meditation demonstrated its ability to increase people's compassion toward themselves and others.


Meaningful activities – All the schools should conduct weekly activities so that they can observe and analyze the "students' interests" to explore students’ passion. Some activities the school can conduct "are Story Making", Group Topic Thinking, Words Game, Quiz, etc. These activities prepare students to do something creative.

Learning Tools- School management should use the learning tools for the implementation of better learning methods. The learning tool means school projectors, the use of learning apps, etc.


Points which focused on Higher Secondary Students

Practical Subjects — Instead of teaching the less useful subjects, schools need to teach subjects which are very important for the future of students like leadership. If our education prepares students for life, then students will do good in every aspect. Subjects like Sanskrit and history are examples of less useful subjects. Leadership, Relation Management, Truths of Life, Use of Imagination Power, Intellectual Understanding, etc, are examples of important subjects which can make students’ life more efficient. Educating these subjects is the need for today's world. Our tuition classes provide education on these useful subjects for the practical learning of students.


Creativity-You have heard the word creativity so many times, but do you know the exact meaning of this word? The meaning of the word creativity is to solve any particular problem to make things more efficient. An example of creativity in today's world is Tesla Cars. So what I want to say is that schools must start educating students’ minds to think creatively. Home tuition experts can also try this for higher secondary school students.

Platform For Everyone – this is a boosting facility that a school can provide. This facility gives wings to students for their particular interests. This is a fact that the interests of all students are not common, some students are interested in music activities, some in sports activities, some in art and craft activities, some in managing activities, etc. As per students' interests, schools should conduct different competitions in their schools, and they can conduct the interschool competition. The goal of this activity must be to encourage the students. The schools can give amazing prizes too. Suppose you are a student, and you are very good at cricket or an activity you like. Do you prefer a school that focuses only on the study, or do you prefer a school that will provide you with a platform for showcasing your cricket skills? Relate this to your personal experience and feel this.

Educational Tours – For making academic studies interesting, schools can bring their students to some places where they learn while enjoying a tour. The goal of this kind of tour is to teach students in a very practical and interesting way.

Personal Development Courses – students of Higher Secondary Schools can join private tuition classes for a personal development course for becoming more attractive. This type, of course, offers good communication skills, dress sense, creativity, emotional intelligence, leadershipComputer Technology Articles, and many more topics. Most of the education consultants suggest students join such courses because the competition is very high in modern days.

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