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Monday, July 23, 2018
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4 Promising Guitar Playing Techniques For Beginners

Playing guitar efficiently needs execution of proper techniques and this guide will get you acquainted with the most appropriate four techniques that you should adopt.

While you take professional guitar lessons in San Jose, you will be made aware of an array of techniques to play the instrument efficiently, but the following are 4 ideal techniques you should adopt.

Holding a Pick

Holding a pick properly will certainly make sure that you can play as quick as possible. The aim is to have a firm grip so it plucks the string resolutely with both upstrokes toward the ceiling and downstrokes toward the floor. The right way to hold the pick is between your thumb and bent index finger. The amount that it sticks out is a personal preference, and it might also affect the stiffness of the pick that you prefer.


Slides are executed on a single string. You play a note then slide your finger up or down the fretboard to a second note without taking it off the fretboard. Sliding up is in the direction towards the bridge and sliding down is the direction toward the neck. Legato Slides and Shift Slides are two different slides. In notation, both use a diagonal line to denote a slide. Legato slides add a slur, which is a curved line that connects two notes.

String Bending

Bends are a wonderful way that you will learn during lessons in guitar classes San Jose and add interest to your guitar playing. Bends raise the pitch of the note. The amount of pitch change depends on the distance you bend. Generally, you want to change the pitch by a half step or a whole step. At times, you want to change it even more, but you will need some good calluses on your fingers for that.


Hammer-ons generate a legato sound on a single string. Legato is sounding notes so they connect smoothly. For guitar, this means you do not separate the notes by plucking the string again on the second note. Both hammer-ons and pull-offs are notated with a slur. The only difference between the two techniques is that hammer-ons slur to higher pitch while pull-offs slur to a lower pitch.

Different techniques you learn through professional guitar lessons in San Jose give you different feelsFree Web Content, but all of them are great for adding some interest to your playing.

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